Free Palestina

Free Palestina


A Bloodless Coup

Just a few thoughts on the success of September 11, 2001. Starting at the bizarre 2000 elections, that ended with the Supreme Court deciding that George W. Bush should be awarded the presidency, due to legal mumbo jumbo and the fact that Reagan & Bush had appointed some of those justices.

So, it is almost a bloodless coup, Al Gore got the majority of the vote and George W. Bush got the presidency. G.W.Bush has been branded as an 'ordinary guy', the Yale Skull & Bones member from a wealthy Connecticut background was painted as a guy who might play a game of soft ball with your kids and he was a born-again.

So the PNAC get their Pearl Harbor on 9/11 and the plans are all ready to turn America into a police state, Iraq was destined to be destroyed, then occupied, with over a million innocent civilians dead, Afghanistan was destined to be destroyed & occupied, with great loss of life, ditto Pakistan. Carte Blanche for Israel to steal and encroach on as much Arab land as it wants, with permission to assassinate, murder, torture, imprison, etc.

Is there anyone in USA who actually believes the fantasy we were told to swallow?
How to explain the immediate disposal of all evidence of the Twins?
How to explain the refusal of the gov. to let the public view videos of the towers and the Pentagon?
Why did that plane turn around in Ohio?
That 'lets roll story was sooo hokey.
Where were the planes that always guard D.C.?
Building 7
Ben Laden & Bush connection

So I'd like to know who caused the horrific deaths at the Trade Center. I'll never be free from the images of falling people, did our government abet this atrocity?
If 9/11 taught us anything, it should be:

No more dual citizenships especially in the government
A real investigation to find out who was responsible and have them face justice.
There is presently too much conflict of interest in Congress, there are too many wealthy persons in Congress and women & minorities are under-represented, this needs to be corrected.
No more election extravaganzas, too much corruption is caused.


Happy New Year ~ Palestinian Prisoners ~ 2011

The Palestinian prisoners of Israel are suffering in substandard facilities, often unaware of what they're charged with, some are children, some have serious medical conditions that are ignored and some are elected officials of Hamas.

Israeli Occupation Forces have a reputation for sadistic, routine violence. Any person not a Jew is considered an enemy. Jews who dare to criticize the zionist state, such as Atzmon, Finklestein, are double threats to zionist p.r. and as such are fair game for smear & career/economic death.

Over 4,000 Palestinian prisoners on this the first day of January, 2011. That these prisoners are tortured is not even denied. These prisoners are at the whim of guards as to who may get medical attention, food and water, even visits from attorney or family.

On the Mavi Marmara there were references to several persons bleeding to death, that death could have been averted with the medical care personnel, who begged for permission to save their colleagues' lives, were forbidden to stem the flow of blood by Israeli commandos.

My sources were Al Jazeera and
The following video was released on Israeli tv, it was made in 2007.