Free Palestina

Free Palestina


A Russian Love Song

This is called a Russian Love Song, sung in Russian by Judy Collins in the 1960's.
Ms. Collins has one of the loveliest voices I've heard.

Now you may wonder what this is doing on Personal Pain, very simply this is my humble offering for those of my readers from Russia.

If I were more worldly or educated perhaps I'd know some Christmas Carols by Russian singers, singing in Russian but I hope you enjoy the beauty of this offering.

Sadly, Christmas in the USA is now a day of ultra consumerism. You have frantic, panic stricken shoppers, desperate to find suitable gifts. It is a challenge to find any gift that is not 'made in China.

I want to wish all readers a day of joy, perhaps a day of reflection on the timeless message of Jesus' birth;
Glory to God in the Highest, Peace on Earth and Goodwill towards All.

And may you all be blessed with a prosperous, productive, glorious New Year.


Occupy USA

This is my city - notice more police than people.

Among the many reports that Kellog Brown Root, a subsidiary of Halliburton has been commissioned to get detention centers in all 50 states ready for occupants.

I remember reading that the largest detention centers are in Alaska and outside of Chicago, Illinois. In Western Pennsylvania they have refurbished (rehabilitated haha) one of the elderly prisons or juvenile detention centers, the one they used to call Morganza, if memory serves.

The police are all suited up in their anti terrorist uniforms and many fear it is US citizens that will be rounded up, for at best, indoctrination.

I do not want to speculate on what will be the worst that will happen.

Nevertheless, let me warn you if there is a tornado, flood, or other wide spread disaster, it is my advise to all that you should stay in your home. If the government instructs you, like they did in New Orleans, to go to a sports arena, do not do it.

Those people in Louisiana sweated and went days without food, they were thirsty, there were no provisions. We all saw the corpses bloating in the sun for days. These government types are not our friends, we are just the means to a pay check.

The decision is yours, but I will not go willingly and that is all.


Zionism's True Face

Certain aspects of Zionism are carefully hidden. The Orwellian use of words is rampant in the zionism movement from the beginning days, when Jews considered colonizing Argentina, Uganda and Texas among other places for their Jewish homeland.
The word colony is now taboo.
From the beginning Herzl and his cohorts knew that the only way to take over Palestine was either by buying out the property; failing that effort take what they wanted by the sword, violent conquest.
Palestine was decided upon because of the sentimental Biblical connection. The end of the 19th century, Herzl and some 900 mostly newly formed zionist organizations began their organizing and plans. Yesterday I read an article about negotiations between Germany & Zionists regarding more cash for Jewish survivors of WWII. These demands for cash, tax payer cash, seem relentless.
Many people suffered during the 1930's & '40's, but most got little in the way of compensation. Many people have suffered; Japan, China, Russia, Cambodia, Viet Nam, Haiti, Panama, Bangladesh, Tibet and the gross attempt at genocide in Rwanda? Why are there no clever lawyers or cunning advocates to secure money for survivors of these and countless other victims of aggression?
How about the survivors of Iraq, the cradle of civilization? Afghanistan, graveyard of empires, Pakistan, Lebanon, Libya, Tunisa, Egypt where millions have been brutally slain by US/Nato aggression, who is negotiating for reparations for the murdrs & unwarranted aggression?
And of course Palestine, the Holy Land, land of peace and prophets. Why are there no museums dedicated to the memory of Nakba? We in USA saw the streets run red with blood, choked with the swollen, slain bodies that medics were thwarted from retrieving,they were eaten by dogs. We saw some of the terror in real time.
The showers of white phosphorus, the injuries that confounded doctors who were dealing with weapon such as dense inert metal explosives DIME that caused loss of limbs, and shrapnel so small the wounds were virtually untreatable.
I'll leave you with this song if I can get my link to work, have been having recent trouble, but here goes: Did not work, I'll update later if I can figure what the problemo is.
Yours in peace and hope for justice, Kate</i>
Zionist Money - Busta Rhymes Arab Money - Diss - Remake - YouTube


Support movie about Gaza by Gazans This is a project I will be supporting with whatever meager funds I can donate. It is so frustrating to read posts & articles describing the horrendous conditions the illegal Israeli seige both land and sea has had on the innocent civilians trapped in what has been described as an open air prison. The Israelis maintain that they have eased the seige that was supposedly imposed in reaction to the capture of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, a dual French/Israeli. Since his release last month nothing has been done to end the blockade. I find it duplicitous that Americans of Jewish heritage can enlist in Israeli occupation forces (IOF) then come back to USA and get into politics like Rahm Emmanuel. Contrast that to the John Walker Lindh trials and tribulations or Austrailia's David Hicks, former Guantanemo 'detainee.' Anyway this is a trailer for a movie that needs funding about two Gazans, a woman and a girl during Israeli's '08-'09 operation Cast Lead that claimed over 1,400 lives in Gaza and 13 Israeli lives. Watch the video and pass it around. Thank you ">


Organized Islamophobia in USA

New report on Organized Islamophobia

There is a group of entwined foundations, pundits, bloggers, politicians & the religious right that have waged a ten year campaign to promote hate and fear of Islam and Muslims.

Right wing groups generously funded by foundations along with talking heads, media, politicians are an echo chamber for promoting fear & loathing have been identified by the Center for American Progress (CAP).

My source for this information is from an article written by Jim Lobe, Washington DC bureau chief for Inter Press Service. Copyright 2011 IPS-Inter Press Service and published in Washington Report on Middle East Affairs.

Creeping Sharia and Islamic domination of the West & purported obligatory calls to violence against all non-Muslims by the Qur'an is their main message.


Sen.Bob Casey, re: your summer vacation in Israel

Senator Robert Casey, D(PA)

I have written to you many times to express my concerns about your performance & positions in Senate.

The matter of the 'Israel' against the whole world is due to Israel's adamant refusal to abide by UN resolutions and international law. Now you've obligated yourself & Pennsylvania to Israel, the proud occupiers of Palestine for over sixty years. You have put us in this position by accepting AIPAC cash & your recent junket to Israel.
Every time I wrote I implored you not to let yourself be stranded on the wrong side of history.

You have a parochial Roman Catholic foundation like I do. You know in your heart you have to live with your conscience, you cannot lie to yourself. The rites & trappings of religion may fall away but I think not your moral foundation, what you learn in your innocent years stays with you longest. So I don't know or care to know how you deal with religion today, what I care about is how you conduct the business of the USA.

Senator Casey, this is your time to take charge and take action. You could pick up that Palestinian Cross and bear some of the burden for those Christians & Muslims living under the zionist boot of oppression and occupation. You could aid the disposed refugees, who want nothing more than to go home.
Fulfill your potential to positively affect mankind. Do the Right Thing.

You're already back from Israel. Tell me, your honor, what did you see in 'Israel'? Videos I've seen on UTube show an ordinary country, no tanks holding up traffic, no buildings with gaping bullet holes, all the barbarity is effectively conducted and concealed by the 26 foot high apartheid wall.
Did you visit the Palestinians while you were in their country? The Christians are not permitted to practice their religion and we're quite familiar of with the attacks on Al Aqsa, the Dome of the Rock.

Why did you go there?

I smell Bastille Day energy, there's the fear, panic, hostility, much more terrifying atmosphere than the faux 9/11.

Senator Casey this is your opportunity of a life time, embrace it. You're not hugely endowed in the charisma department but take on this cause and your inner light of goodness will glow through you. People recognize the truth and in the scheme of things we all have responsibilities to humanity and justice. I know you have it in you to let your inner lights shine. *********************************************************************************************************** I wrote this piece in the summer when Congress & Senate were in recess. I was enraged at Senator Casey and the eighty other US elected officials being feted with junkets to Israel. All expenses paid by offshoots of AIPAC. It makes me wonder what price will be incurred. What issue will Senator Casey be asked to vote for in Israel's interest as opposed to the interests of the people who elected him. While my city of Pittsburgh is suffering with mass unemployment, frozen so a junket to Israel. While my city of Pittsburgh is suffering with mass unemployment, frozen social security benefits and rising costs of utilities and groceries. It is now the age of Occupy Wall Street and I am part of the 99% - where are you Senator Casey? Which class are you most comfortable in?


Stop Desecration of Mamilla

CONTACT: Jen Nessel, CCR, (212) 614-6449,, David Lerner, Riptide Communications, (212) 260-5000,

Archaeologists Worldwide Urge Halt to “Museum of Tolerance"

The Simon Wiesenthal Center wants to build what they call a "Museum of Tolerance." The major sticking point is that the location they chose is Mamilla Cemetary which dates from the era of Salah Udin, and has been used continuously until the capture of Jerusalem in 1967 by zionists.

There are videos on YouTube of zionists bulldozing the cemetary after midnight, under the cover of darkness. When the operators of the Caterpillar bulldozers noticed they were being filmed they quickly departed.

I deduce from that fact that the zionists are aware they are desecrating a protected area, a Muslim heritage area.

As most readers are aware this latest attempt at erasing evidence of Muslim culture in the Holy Land which sounds so bland, 'a Museum of Tolerance' is in effect another sneaky ploy to usurp Occupied Palestinian Territory and disappear a landmark from the seventh or eighth century.

The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs alerted me via email that the Center for Constitutional Rights has a petition to stop the Simon Wiesenthal Center from destroying this Muslim heritage site.
This section in quotes is cut & pasted as a synopsis, more concise & succinct than I am capable of:
"The Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) and other groups have filed a petition on behalf of the Palestinian descendants of those buried in an ancient Muslim cemetery, the Mamilla Cemetery, in Jerusalem. The petition, which was filed with several international bodies, urges Israel to: halt construction of the “Museum of Tolerance” by the Simon Wiesenthal Center; investigate human rights violations; rebury human remains; and declare the Mamilla Cemetery a protected antiquities site. For additional information, please visit the Mamilla Campaign website at"

Information also at

Bloodless Coup in Jerusalem

The status of Jerusalem, according to the UN, is a 'corpus separatum'. This means that the city belongs to the world because it is the center of the three Abrahamic religions.

I've been noticing for some time now that zionists have devised an insidious plot to take Jerusalem in a bloodless coup.

How does this clever ploy work? Yesterday I was reading an article on Ynet and they refer to Jerusalem as the capitol of 'Israel' - it is not. The capitol of 'Israel' is Tel Aviv, where the US & other countries have their embassies.

The repitition of Jerusalem as the Jewish capitol is sneaky and cunning, the zionists by twisting the facts hope to accomplish a fait accompli. I've seen this also in other publications, enough to presume this is another zionist conspiracy.

Please all you lovers of justice for Palestine, do not let this sly trick rob the Palestinians of their Muslim and Christian heritage.

Do not let the zionists usurp Jerusalem. Challenge this inference that Jerusalem is Israel's capitol every time you see it. Thank you.

Your sister in peace, Kate


Cafeteria Progressives (PEP)

sources: Is.Real2011 (a website) and a Facebook Page

I've recently read of concrete steps the zionist conspiracy groups and Zio.government are implementing in an effort to rebrand the 100+ years of the Zionist experiment/plan.

This is in response to a paper The Reut Institute think tank publishing that the Zio Project's ratings have dramatically risen in the category of what country is the biggest threat to world peace? Answer: Izrael the world's #1 threat to world peace.

This is also a response to laws passed this year; no renting to nonJews, bureaucratic nightmares for Palestinians, especially related to residency, property ownership, building permits, permission for Palestinians to travel in their own land.

I'm trying to stick to the topic but it is overwhelming me, the way that one zionist crime blossoms into five more, exponentially growing more repressive, more petty, meaningless rituals to persecute nonJews, more anxiety, fear and yes terror.

These are not innocent little checkpoints, I don't have the statistics in front of me, but innocent civilians are murdered at them with regularity. Sixty five babies have been born at 'checkpoints' half of whom died from the denial of medical service.

Israel is illegitimate. The Judeo religion was famed for human rights activism, civil rights and religious freedom, but the religion has morphed into a nation-state exclusively for Jews.
Israel has spawned a great variety of hate mongers & supremicists. Settlers(armed,racist,fundamentalist militias) and every shade of zionist from Christian, Conservative to the Atheists & disaster profiteers are prevalent. The usurpers & their voluminous thefts, a complete catalogue of crime are now public knowledge. Zio's disregard of truth, and in addition the scofflaw nature of zionism is responsible for the lawlessness of the new century.

I'm referring to 'targeted assassinations, shooting women & children waving white flags, using children as human shields, the culture of impunity towards all non Jews & immunity from all crimes committed by Jews.

It is an everlasting shame that my USA government smothered Habeus Corpus and the Magna Charta to death in response to September 2001 'Mystery Event.' What many believe was a false flag act committed by US & Iz zionist neocons, to goad USA to attack Iraq, which was in no way culpable for the September 'event', which I happen to believe was a government trying out new weapons. Just my personal view, I am still permitted to think, right?

The Israeli Government (or affiliation of) which recently granted a hundred million shekels to 'select university attendants' to change the world's negative impression of Israel, which had planned & conspired for more than a hundred years to usurp the entire land of Palestine and more, with all their assets & possessions. This is a racist terrorist group that calls itself Judaism which defines itself as a religion.

Au naturelle, the majority of indigenous, rootbound with the earth for hundreds of generations, will be dug up and castout, with their other refugee neighbors and families, as Muslims and Christians are there at the sufferance of the 'compassionate' Jews only. Once this labor: wood hewing, water toting and licking stinky fungi feet,can be outsourced, they will be asked to leave...then they will be ordered to leave...then 'nudged'...we're familiar with the drill by now.

I do hope that Lady Karma introduces herself to the Zionist government soon. Before more disaster diets planned, not all involving food, medicines and water.

Israel thinks it can dominate the world with force, bribery, lies and it did work well for Zionism until the accumulation of the last ten years and (culminating in '08-'09 Gazan slaughter.(and I must credit the world wide web)

The massacre was strictly censored by Israel; msm was excluded. So the petrified traumatized Israelis many stylin in latest Ghetto gear - classic black hats & long black coats,bushy beards,etc. picnicked on hills with a Gazan view to bombs bursting, binocculars to catch the wounded's agony. The best of entertainment to delight & gloat in the blood and carnage and eventual extermination of human beings who live on zionist coveted land.

Newspaper reporters partied with them & at the time reported that polls showed Israelis were 95% behind the genocide of Gazans - wonder if that 95% included Palestinians with Israeli citizenship?

My message to Israelis: Save your shekels, you revel in your gangsterism it seems to attract some of my fellow citizens, we have no power, you're heading to the guillotine mon ami.

Have President Obama show much, much more deference to Netanyahu, my fellow USAns seem to get a vicarious thrill to see a smarty pants get a solid wedgie! Where did that demand for $30 billion go? You must be off your feed - Congress itself would make the sacrifice, why shouldn't every US/IZ dual-citizen live like an the effendi they were meant to be? Is that slash between US and IZ too roomy? Tell the truth.

At they are auctioning off kites that the Palestinian children flew a few days ago to break a world record, sponsored by UNRWA, The donation for a chance to win a kite is a measly $6.00 (six US dollars) and in return I believe the child gets a hat, tshirt & pair of shoes.

Apologize for the above, but have been being extra forgetful lately.

The solution to rebranding the Zio project is insurmountable.
The people who believed they had the right to give a nation away should have been clapped into an insane asylum.

I do not believe that the Israeli Zionists love the land, based on their abuse of it. I think they will leave w/o their accustomed privileges & dominance and apartheid.

Just start by:

1. End the occupation
2. End the economic maiming
3. Laws are for you too
4. Quit lying, the Mavi Marmara was no threat to you proving again Israel=terror
state extraordinaire
5. Quit asking for $$ from USA - you are taking food out of the mouths of hungry
families; I started to say kids, but we all need to eat.



Desecration in Jerusalem

Occupied Jerusalem (PIC)Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ma'manullah(Ma'milla) Cemetery is the oldest, largest Islamic cemetery in occupied Jerusalem, it dates back to Sala Udin and was in continuous use until the Israeli occupation chose to ignore all modicums of religious tolerance. Ma'milla was a 200 dunam graveyard. There are 24 dunums left, and these are the dunams targeted by Simon Weisenthal's 'Museum of Tolerance.'

This is another of zionism's orwellian convolutions...Ghouls in the night, official Israeli Jewish ghouls, operating iconic Caterpilar bulldozers. Scooping up skeletal remains of Palestine's inconvenient people in buckets, extracted from their land to be unceremonially discarded. Unwanted even in death, literally scattered in hopes to disappear them from history's pages.

Wealthy USAn zionists want to dump a 'museum of tolerance' on top of this world-renowned historic landmark, Ma'milla. In addition to provoking Muslim anguish at the desecration of their ancestors & their final resting place, this is an effort to Judaize Jerusalem, erasing all Muslim and Christian historical evidence. This iswhat is meant by a Jewish state for Jews. Bible sanctioned racism and religious intolerance.

Last night at about 23:00 local time, three bulldozers & some trucks came with about twenty workers and began bulldozing three seperate areas of Ma'Milla. They worked feverishly for about two hours, managing to caterpilar about 100 graves in three areas coveted by the 'tolerance museum', before the arrival of news crews caused them to slink away in the hours after midnight.

Abu Sheikha, advisor for Jerusalem & Al Aqsa Mosque affairs to the Islamic Movement in 1948-occupied land said the egregious operation was videotaped and photographed.
At the top of the page I pasted a link to the PIC (Palestine Information Center), It didn't work in the box that said link..hopeful that this will be effective. If not, I'll have to do some actual reading to find what I'm doing incorrectly.


Arborocide In Palestine

I've just read an article from Christian Peacemaker Team in Palestine, 'Tuwani-Reflection on Healing Trees.' The author talks of the emotions when viewing trees that have been vandalized by Israeli occupiers of the Palestinian Occupied Territories. Ends her post by telling of the feeling of healing when they did what they could to repair the damage & water the trees.

The banal,everyday wickedness is human beings destroying other human being's livelihoods; in this case living, breathing trees. Zionists, for no other reason than ability to agress,and torment with no consequences, are serial offenders. These orchard cultivators and nurturers endure continuous misery of being bullied by Zionist racist groups that view themselves as omni-entitled by their Biblical deity, to the land of generations of Palestinians' ancestors, even though the latest polls I've read state that 60% of Israeli Jews consider themselves atheists.

The olive tree is the symbol of Palestine, imo. It is a sturdy tree that survives and thrives in Palestine's delicate ecosystem. The fruit itself is bitter but the fruit yields world renowned oil, and of course treatment of the fruit is part of cultural knowledge and pride. Olive harvesting is now fraught with danger, but in the past it was a celebration-before zionism.

The olive branch is a universal symbol of peace. I am reminded of Yasser Arafat's poetic address to the United Nations, when he said (paraphrase here - 'I've come with an olive branch'). And certainly of the Biblical story of the dove returning to the ark with an olive branch in its' beak, after the flood, connoting safe land.

The Israeli occupiers have uprooted, burnt, hacked branches, stole and damaged olive groves relentlessly as policy, anyone can do it from IOF to zionist endoctrinated children with police and military protection.

The land of Palestine was renowned for lemons, oranges, almonds, pears and many kinds of fruit orchards and olive groves. The zionists deceived the world depicting Palestine as a neglected, unused land that only 'civilized educated Europeans' could realize Palestine's potential.

And look what they've done.

Their accomplishments are over a hundred years of escalating repression and racism.
Pollution of the land with depleted uranium, dense inert metal explosives, drowning cultivated land with human excrement, paving over centuries old habitats and of course - the true Zionist Symbol - the caterpillar bulldozer.

The Zionists should superimpose that bulldozer right over that blue Star of David, in the interests of honesty.

And the world stands mute, and my government gives Netanyahu 29 standing ovations when he addressed Congress recently. Last week (10-27-11) there were several articles concerning the destruction of 7,500 Palestinian olive trees in the last nine months. The financial loss is estimated at $500,000 in damages - a half a million dollars. This information is from End the occupation has a program to help farmers. For a $25 donation they can plant one tree. For $100 they can plant five & I believe they issue a certificate in honor of whomever you name, even if you can only donate $25, so it makes an excellent Christmas, Eid or birthday gift if you have relatives that have all of what they need or are hard to shop for, to gift them with the honor of a tree planted to help farmers who are under relentless attack by 'settlers' and the IOF.


Goldstone on my Mind

Lesson learned from reflections of Judge Goldstone's April 1,2011 NYT op-ed.

Never underestimate the power of shunning, shaming, and routine, ordinary hate to manipulate people.
IMO there was a problem from start, appointing Goldstone to head the investigation into war crimes and policies in the '08-'09 state sponsored terror attack on the corralled Gazans. Action endorsed by USA, including delivery of more military hardware, and overwhelmingly validated by USA Congress.

Goldstone is an avowed zionist. He boasts impressive credentials from S.Africa,where he was adept at adapting, both pre and post apartheid. He was appointed to look into 'alleged' Jewish and Arab war crimes during Israeli operation tagged Cast Lead. IMO this is a suspicious conflict of interest. No matter how impeccable his credentials are/were, there must be another reputable judge in the world who is not an active, participating Zionist...right?

Media opinions on Goldstone's mea culpa, if I only knew then what I know now, ranged from nothing new to complete exoneration of Israel. Even further, fresh blame was flung at Hamas for not bothering to investigate itself at all.

Yes it is that inane. Goldstone had no access to Israeli soldiers or policy planners, the Israeli government declined to cooperate with the UN commission, because of security reasons...I'm guessing here, Israel's rationale is available in US media.

When I read the op-ed it stung me that Goldstone didn't even bother to spell the
Samouni family name correctly. I thought, how would he like it if his name was spelled as Geldstone, or worse?
Was he so browbeaten & egocentric, worried about being de-friended, banned from the club, that he turned his back on the law and the occupied prisoners of Gaza?

See how those with power & position are flawed with the proverbial 'feet of clay'? He looked at brazen racism, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and sought to ease the impact; for his chosen side.

The first clue was when he did not recuse himself. If I were a gambler, I'd wager that Judge Goldstone believed that he could serve justice and Zionism simultaneously, no problemo.

The Report was received with praise,as fair, even-handed, impartial by US msm.
Of course Israel didn't like it all, they 'only' dropped white phosphorous to improve their vision, there was a well worn buzz phrase for every accusation.

The body count told the story.
The name of the planned assault, cast lead, named after a Hannakuh tune about a toy, a cast lead dreidle imo, speaks volumes about the zionist mindset. Equating war with child's play, toys, consequences seemingly unimportant, spilled blood ok as long as it isn't their's.

I know, I know, my prejudices are showing. These prejudices are from life; I try to be aware. I view politics through a Palestinian lens because that's where I fell through the rabbit hole of discovery.

Is the Goldstone Report good for Palestinians? I vote yes, it adds to the weight of continuing crimes. Floundering for excuses it reveals itself as grasping, and above all else Israel is deceptive. No friend of US. and definitely no peace seeker.

Irish Ways & Irish Law, Sinead O'Connor


Pat Toomey -You're Killing US!

Today, 5-27-11, Senator Pat Toomey R(PA) voted to crush medicaid and rely on a system of vouchers in place of single payer insurance. The song surely does remain the same.

Voters need to challenge this head on by going after congressional & senatorial medical coverage, there are no poor in either house, far from it. If that doesn't work, I'm aware of quite a lot of perks that the public shouldn't have to pay for.

If times are so dire that Senators have to target the vulnerable, why not a new tactic? Let the budget cuts start from on high, government(ahem)servants first.

We on the bottom have been 'it tagged' in this game way long, woefully too long.

Survival of the fittest or Love they neighbor?

Does the glimpse behind the facade unmask Senator Toomey's true values? He won his seat by supporting right wing wedge issues, endorses Christian and Family values.

And then he endorses and votes for this abomination. Accepted $29,500 from AIPAC in '09-'10, a freshman in the Senate. How much does this influence the Honorable Senator Pat Toomey?

Are Christian values really locking the hospital & clinic doors to the victims of medical emergencies & health care? Is health care reserved for the cash enabled? Despicable. High-couture health coverage for you, plus your entitled colleagues, back to the Bowery for the financially embarrased.

But to take away minimal Medicare/Medicaid for senior's, handicapped, orphans, despicable.

If you want to survive an illness Sen Toomey D(PA) wants for us to pay with an rationed amount of tickets or vouchers. What happens if you use them all and then become exposed to an unknown virus?

Abundant possibilities for exploitation and corruption...only the very well-off will be able to afford illness or broken bone...sick people will go 'rob a bank' just to get the minimal health treatment the prison industry provides.

My neighbors and I will be on our own, left on a gurney in the parking lot until we pass a credit check. We'll be in limbo if the computers are down; worse we'll be arrested if it doesn't recognize us because we remember our password wrong.

Senator Pat Toomey you are killing us and not in a subtle way. Who should lose their health coverage? The congressional/senatorial millionaires or those of us under the poverty line?

I think instead that we should reward your brazen money transfer toward the haves & against the rest of us. We could gather signatures, get an initiative put on the ballot, and let the people choose who is worthy to receive free, top-drawer, medical attention. Somehow I do not think you'd be in the top ten of that list.

Oh yeah, lets make that an honest vote if that is possible.



The over three hundred racist rabbis are still in the news. The ones that support "The King's Torah," which is basically a religious rule book. The many situations and times when Jews are legally permitted to kill nonJews, even babies,

Hey world out there: I'm hollerin at you now, these people are as racists as America was/is, but I remember the fifties and it was overt in USA. Things are a bit better as most vocal bigots will be shunned or shamed, and recall that presidential contender who was caught on video calling a person of color, Macaca (which I think translated to monkey.)How fast he got the boot?

Not so in plucky little Israeland.

In Israeland the holy men are notoriously prejudiced. The racism trickles down from the top and rises up from the grass roots, it permeates politics and religion.

Israeland is for Jews only, nonJews can only visit at the sufferance of the zionist, which brings me back to "the King's Torah." What nonJew would want to put themselves at risk of being killed on a whim?

The International Solidarity group put their bodies on the line for the occupied Palestinians and some even paid the ultimate sacrifice, along with the countless Palestinians whose names we almost never even learn.

Israeland has what they call armed settlers, fanatic zionists who make no secret that the indigenous Palestinians are squatting on their "promised land." They swagger about with their armed guards targetting children. And of course they kill, they kill in cold blood and they kill without penalty. If a settler or soldier is brought to court the sentence is always minimal.

Israeland is the zionist fantasy fulfilled. I wonder if the zionists foresaw that the religious intolerance would translate into genocide?


Empire Conspired Against John Lennon

The United States attack on John Lennon centered on Lennon's visa extension being denied. USA brought out J.L.'s ancient 'crime* of marijuana possession as a red herring. President Nixon & John Mitchell & others in USA government conspired against Lennon with the usual suspects operating in 1972, such as G.Gordon Liddy.

This was way before I understood USA was an empire, I still believed that USA interfered in other countries only for humanitarian reasons. People who watched the antiwar demonstrations on tv were told that these were radicals, the lunatic fringe, draft dodgers They didn't realize they were hearing only what the government wanted us to hear. Even then there was little difference between the two parties, I sort of knew it, I didn't get the depth of the depravity.

In 1972 we caught glimpses of the empire's naked face, and it was more terrifying than Medusa. Our government was dogging John Lennon! A Beatle, a gentle, peaceful musician. His crime had nothing to do with marijuana and everything to do with the love the people had for him. Personally, I felt I knew him, he was a guy I've known intimately through his music. That is how I feel I have a deep, emotional attachment and love and I am joined by many others. Nixon worried that Lennon's anti war message might endanger his reelection campaign.

John Lennon hired the best attorneys and went to court many times.
Meanwhile, *They* were blatantly tapping his phone and openly following him. They wanted him to know they were there, always watching. I call that threatening, intimidating behavior. First you might wonder if you're going crazy, the anxiety level could turn to paranoia. This way maybe they could get John to leave of his own free will. Then bar him permanently.

This conspiracy was hatched because of Nixon's reelection fears. Think if Nixon had put so much energy and effort into ending the Empire's Viet Nam aggression. He could have gone done in history as a peacemaker, not the first USAn president to be forced to resign.

USA Censorship, isn't it ironic?

"The result of the Al Jazeera English blackout in the United States has been a surge in traffic to the media outlet's website, where footage can be seen streaming live. The last 24 hours have seen a two-and-a-half thousand percent increase in web traffic, Tony Burman, head of North American strategies for Al Jazeera English, told HuffPost. Sixty percent of that traffic, he said, has come from the United States."

This quote is from a Huffington Post article that reports that Al Jazeera English has been blacked out for the most part across the USA, except for Ohio, Vermont and one other state, through cable access. Canadians can view it, but not the rest of us in the USA.

Is that not the most incredible amount of increased internet traffic?
Without the internet we'd be at the mercy of CNN, MsNBC or even Fox.

I wonder how to get Comcast Cable to bring us television programming that we would want to watch? I am open to ideas.

So, right at this moment Egypt has more press freedom than America, home of free speech and free press. Will anyone still believe that after seeing the January 25, 2011 Revolution in Egypt which is still continuing....?


A Bloodless Coup

Just a few thoughts on the success of September 11, 2001. Starting at the bizarre 2000 elections, that ended with the Supreme Court deciding that George W. Bush should be awarded the presidency, due to legal mumbo jumbo and the fact that Reagan & Bush had appointed some of those justices.

So, it is almost a bloodless coup, Al Gore got the majority of the vote and George W. Bush got the presidency. G.W.Bush has been branded as an 'ordinary guy', the Yale Skull & Bones member from a wealthy Connecticut background was painted as a guy who might play a game of soft ball with your kids and he was a born-again.

So the PNAC get their Pearl Harbor on 9/11 and the plans are all ready to turn America into a police state, Iraq was destined to be destroyed, then occupied, with over a million innocent civilians dead, Afghanistan was destined to be destroyed & occupied, with great loss of life, ditto Pakistan. Carte Blanche for Israel to steal and encroach on as much Arab land as it wants, with permission to assassinate, murder, torture, imprison, etc.

Is there anyone in USA who actually believes the fantasy we were told to swallow?
How to explain the immediate disposal of all evidence of the Twins?
How to explain the refusal of the gov. to let the public view videos of the towers and the Pentagon?
Why did that plane turn around in Ohio?
That 'lets roll story was sooo hokey.
Where were the planes that always guard D.C.?
Building 7
Ben Laden & Bush connection

So I'd like to know who caused the horrific deaths at the Trade Center. I'll never be free from the images of falling people, did our government abet this atrocity?
If 9/11 taught us anything, it should be:

No more dual citizenships especially in the government
A real investigation to find out who was responsible and have them face justice.
There is presently too much conflict of interest in Congress, there are too many wealthy persons in Congress and women & minorities are under-represented, this needs to be corrected.
No more election extravaganzas, too much corruption is caused.


Happy New Year ~ Palestinian Prisoners ~ 2011

The Palestinian prisoners of Israel are suffering in substandard facilities, often unaware of what they're charged with, some are children, some have serious medical conditions that are ignored and some are elected officials of Hamas.

Israeli Occupation Forces have a reputation for sadistic, routine violence. Any person not a Jew is considered an enemy. Jews who dare to criticize the zionist state, such as Atzmon, Finklestein, are double threats to zionist p.r. and as such are fair game for smear & career/economic death.

Over 4,000 Palestinian prisoners on this the first day of January, 2011. That these prisoners are tortured is not even denied. These prisoners are at the whim of guards as to who may get medical attention, food and water, even visits from attorney or family.

On the Mavi Marmara there were references to several persons bleeding to death, that death could have been averted with the medical care personnel, who begged for permission to save their colleagues' lives, were forbidden to stem the flow of blood by Israeli commandos.

My sources were Al Jazeera and
The following video was released on Israeli tv, it was made in 2007.