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Free Palestina


Desecration in Jerusalem

Occupied Jerusalem (PIC)Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ma'manullah(Ma'milla) Cemetery is the oldest, largest Islamic cemetery in occupied Jerusalem, it dates back to Sala Udin and was in continuous use until the Israeli occupation chose to ignore all modicums of religious tolerance. Ma'milla was a 200 dunam graveyard. There are 24 dunums left, and these are the dunams targeted by Simon Weisenthal's 'Museum of Tolerance.'

This is another of zionism's orwellian convolutions...Ghouls in the night, official Israeli Jewish ghouls, operating iconic Caterpilar bulldozers. Scooping up skeletal remains of Palestine's inconvenient people in buckets, extracted from their land to be unceremonially discarded. Unwanted even in death, literally scattered in hopes to disappear them from history's pages.

Wealthy USAn zionists want to dump a 'museum of tolerance' on top of this world-renowned historic landmark, Ma'milla. In addition to provoking Muslim anguish at the desecration of their ancestors & their final resting place, this is an effort to Judaize Jerusalem, erasing all Muslim and Christian historical evidence. This iswhat is meant by a Jewish state for Jews. Bible sanctioned racism and religious intolerance.

Last night at about 23:00 local time, three bulldozers & some trucks came with about twenty workers and began bulldozing three seperate areas of Ma'Milla. They worked feverishly for about two hours, managing to caterpilar about 100 graves in three areas coveted by the 'tolerance museum', before the arrival of news crews caused them to slink away in the hours after midnight.

Abu Sheikha, advisor for Jerusalem & Al Aqsa Mosque affairs to the Islamic Movement in 1948-occupied land said the egregious operation was videotaped and photographed.
At the top of the page I pasted a link to the PIC (Palestine Information Center), It didn't work in the box that said link..hopeful that this will be effective. If not, I'll have to do some actual reading to find what I'm doing incorrectly.

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