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Free Palestina


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sources: Is.Real2011 (a website) and a Facebook Page

I've recently read of concrete steps the zionist conspiracy groups and Zio.government are implementing in an effort to rebrand the 100+ years of the Zionist experiment/plan.

This is in response to a paper The Reut Institute think tank publishing that the Zio Project's ratings have dramatically risen in the category of what country is the biggest threat to world peace? Answer: Izrael the world's #1 threat to world peace.

This is also a response to laws passed this year; no renting to nonJews, bureaucratic nightmares for Palestinians, especially related to residency, property ownership, building permits, permission for Palestinians to travel in their own land.

I'm trying to stick to the topic but it is overwhelming me, the way that one zionist crime blossoms into five more, exponentially growing more repressive, more petty, meaningless rituals to persecute nonJews, more anxiety, fear and yes terror.

These are not innocent little checkpoints, I don't have the statistics in front of me, but innocent civilians are murdered at them with regularity. Sixty five babies have been born at 'checkpoints' half of whom died from the denial of medical service.

Israel is illegitimate. The Judeo religion was famed for human rights activism, civil rights and religious freedom, but the religion has morphed into a nation-state exclusively for Jews.
Israel has spawned a great variety of hate mongers & supremicists. Settlers(armed,racist,fundamentalist militias) and every shade of zionist from Christian, Conservative to the Atheists & disaster profiteers are prevalent. The usurpers & their voluminous thefts, a complete catalogue of crime are now public knowledge. Zio's disregard of truth, and in addition the scofflaw nature of zionism is responsible for the lawlessness of the new century.

I'm referring to 'targeted assassinations, shooting women & children waving white flags, using children as human shields, the culture of impunity towards all non Jews & immunity from all crimes committed by Jews.

It is an everlasting shame that my USA government smothered Habeus Corpus and the Magna Charta to death in response to September 2001 'Mystery Event.' What many believe was a false flag act committed by US & Iz zionist neocons, to goad USA to attack Iraq, which was in no way culpable for the September 'event', which I happen to believe was a government trying out new weapons. Just my personal view, I am still permitted to think, right?

The Israeli Government (or affiliation of) which recently granted a hundred million shekels to 'select university attendants' to change the world's negative impression of Israel, which had planned & conspired for more than a hundred years to usurp the entire land of Palestine and more, with all their assets & possessions. This is a racist terrorist group that calls itself Judaism which defines itself as a religion.

Au naturelle, the majority of indigenous, rootbound with the earth for hundreds of generations, will be dug up and castout, with their other refugee neighbors and families, as Muslims and Christians are there at the sufferance of the 'compassionate' Jews only. Once this labor: wood hewing, water toting and licking stinky fungi feet,can be outsourced, they will be asked to leave...then they will be ordered to leave...then 'nudged'...we're familiar with the drill by now.

I do hope that Lady Karma introduces herself to the Zionist government soon. Before more disaster diets planned, not all involving food, medicines and water.

Israel thinks it can dominate the world with force, bribery, lies and it did work well for Zionism until the accumulation of the last ten years and (culminating in '08-'09 Gazan slaughter.(and I must credit the world wide web)

The massacre was strictly censored by Israel; msm was excluded. So the petrified traumatized Israelis many stylin in latest Ghetto gear - classic black hats & long black coats,bushy beards,etc. picnicked on hills with a Gazan view to bombs bursting, binocculars to catch the wounded's agony. The best of entertainment to delight & gloat in the blood and carnage and eventual extermination of human beings who live on zionist coveted land.

Newspaper reporters partied with them & at the time reported that polls showed Israelis were 95% behind the genocide of Gazans - wonder if that 95% included Palestinians with Israeli citizenship?

My message to Israelis: Save your shekels, you revel in your gangsterism it seems to attract some of my fellow citizens, we have no power, you're heading to the guillotine mon ami.

Have President Obama show much, much more deference to Netanyahu, my fellow USAns seem to get a vicarious thrill to see a smarty pants get a solid wedgie! Where did that demand for $30 billion go? You must be off your feed - Congress itself would make the sacrifice, why shouldn't every US/IZ dual-citizen live like an the effendi they were meant to be? Is that slash between US and IZ too roomy? Tell the truth.

At they are auctioning off kites that the Palestinian children flew a few days ago to break a world record, sponsored by UNRWA, The donation for a chance to win a kite is a measly $6.00 (six US dollars) and in return I believe the child gets a hat, tshirt & pair of shoes.

Apologize for the above, but have been being extra forgetful lately.

The solution to rebranding the Zio project is insurmountable.
The people who believed they had the right to give a nation away should have been clapped into an insane asylum.

I do not believe that the Israeli Zionists love the land, based on their abuse of it. I think they will leave w/o their accustomed privileges & dominance and apartheid.

Just start by:

1. End the occupation
2. End the economic maiming
3. Laws are for you too
4. Quit lying, the Mavi Marmara was no threat to you proving again Israel=terror
state extraordinaire
5. Quit asking for $$ from USA - you are taking food out of the mouths of hungry
families; I started to say kids, but we all need to eat.


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