Free Palestina

Free Palestina


Jonathon Pollard, Life means Life

O most generous and compassionate Americans, I know you will hear this plea and search your virtuous American hearts to find that the 'quality of mercy is not strained.'  Americans have the well deserved reputation for fair play and good sportsmanship.  
I'm leading up to  the remorseful, contrite, penitent,  who asks for your consideration in reducing his life sentence, that was cruelly imposed punishment for a harmless bit of espionage.

Espionage, a sanctimonious word, when all that was involved was a bit of youthful spying, nothing that would actually harm the omnipotent USofA.  Consider the circumstances, America had promised to share information with the wily zionist entity and was reneging!  What could Mr. Pollard do?  Stay true to his American roots or betray the nation that nurtured him to pay homage to Israel, the apple of Mr. Pollard's eye?
Jonathon searched his heart and eviscerated his soul in an agony of indecision, he even thought about scourging himself during this defining moment of his life, but settled for biting his finger & toe nails to the quick.

He could bear no more deceit or indecision and yes, he sold whatever his top-secret triple A  military clearances could access in the US government's top-secret files and hard drives.
He only sold the material to Israel, he rationalized, Israel our closest friend and stalwart ally.   Only sold America's top secrets for a few niggardly sheckles and the promise of a monument and a street named after him.   One Jew to one Jewish entity.  How was he to know what nefarious ends these 'friends & allies' would put our information to?

How could Pollard know that the secrets would be sold to China?

Americans!  I implore you to join war criminal Henry Kissinger and various other former elected dual citizens and their cohorts, Michael Mukasey, James Woolsey, Rep. Eliot Engle, George Shultz, Lawrence Korb, Dennis Ross, many many dual citizens and Israeli Firsters.  They say enough is enough.  I say Life means life and I say 'throw away the key.'  He only comes out when it's time for his burial.


AIPAC Comes to DC

On Monday, March 5, 2012, the Aipac conference will be in the U.S.A.'s capitol, Washington D.C.  Anyone who's anyone will be there, from President Obama, Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich and of course Israel's own obsequesious, Benyamin Netanyahu.

The conference is another chance for Netanyahu to attempt to browbeat Obama into war with Iran.
Netanyahu, who is no stranger to the arts of bullying will employ all of his multitudinous whiles to wheedle, coax, plead, coerce, nudge, manipulate, in plain words do whatever it takes to grab Obama by the ears and make him submit to his will.

His will is war.  His will is perpetual war.  He's only alive during war.  O what a vicarious thrill when there is war.  War with Iran in particular or war with Syria, he's not fussy.  War for war's sake and war to make money.  The bottom line is Israel must have war to have hegemony in the Middle East.

Imagine, if you will, the Middle East under the domination of irrational Israel.  Look at what this group of fanatics have wrought on Palestine and imagine if they had a free hand in the entire region.  The Israelis would try to take the Middle East back to Biblical times, with all the bloodshed that implies.

Look at what the Israelis did to Lebanon.  Look at Libya.  Look at Iraq which was a proxy war for Israel.
These zealots would turn the region into a genocided wasteland.  A region with nar an oasis, not fit for man or camel.

Please, if you are able, join in any of the anti AIPAC movements, from Occupy Aipac, to Jewish Voice for Peace, to Alison Weir's Council for National Interest (CNI)link to Occupy AIPAC 
and just  by using Google you come up with many many more anti Aipac actions  groups also include Code Pink, enough groups so that each and everyone of us will feel  comfortable with our choice.

This is not just another fund raising event for aspiring politicians, this is the premier event at which donations are pledged and some suggest our next president is annointed.  We must make a difference this year, with perilous war talk being bandied about like what to have for dinner.  I'd like to leave you with the classic civil rights anthem by the incomparable Sam Cooke: