Free Palestina

Free Palestina


The smearing of Obama

I read an article from the Palestine Chronical today. It was called US Nakedness: Zero Consequences for Israel. The author, Iqbal Jasset, was writing about Netanyahu's disdain regarding Obama's offer to give billions of dollars for jets, a permanent veto at the UN, any time Israel desires.

We have this other government official initially boasting about telling Netanyahu that Israel had no worries with the freshly elected or reelected, in fact they could count on him (think his name is Senator Berman)and his newly elected Republican colleagues would over-ride an Obama veto for the zionist cause in Palestine.

This is the US stark naked and humiliated in front of the entire world. Remember that old saying, "even a cat can look at the queen." Well here are the folks of our world seeing Obama brushed aside, because Israel has a lock on Congress, the Senate, and AIPAC plus perpetual funding.

And where is Obama's shame, to be sending billions upon billions of dollars directly into the pockets of the Military/Industrial/Media bosses, while American children are hungry and obese.

There is no shame is saying I quit this costly, unproductive, bloody, accursed war. It is over. Shut down those bases, Americans are not welcome anymore. Let's not go into all that today, that requires a book to explain.

Israel goes to far in lording it over the US, if common people become aware they will be screaming for pay back. Israel claims that they go psycho to terrify their opponents haven't seen what USAns morph into when pissed.

If my views offend anyone that is not my intention. What can you do when the truth is anti-semitic?


No Money for Occupation Maintenance

Remember how Hitler accused Poland of hostilities and ran a masterful pr campaign for the WWII invasion and occupation of Poland.

In those days treaties had some meaning, when an ally was aggressed on militarily, a nation having defense treaties and alliances could expect help, as Britain immediately responded to the Nazi maneuverings by declaring war.

May 31, 2010 saw Israel violating both international and humanitarian law by interference with the Freedom Flotilla Convoy. It is against maritime law to attack ships in international waters, and even in times of war it is illegal to board a ship on a humanitarian mission, trying to bring desperately needed medicines and other goods for the illegally imprisoned people of Gaza.

Israel also murdered 9 humanitarian activists, eight of whom had Turkish citizenship and one American/Turkish dual citizen, Furkan Dogan.

His name should become as familiar to the concerned for justice of the world, as Gilad Shalit.
Unfortunately, those of us interested enough are struggling to gain footing in the world's media, which in USA at least, the Palestine/Israeli conflict are for the large part seen through the Zionist/USA lens.

The Palestinians enjoy the high moral ground in international opinion, imho what is needed is to keep filming, blogging and donating. Devote what you possibly can in terms of time and joining the growingly successful Boycott, Divestment and Sanctuary movement.

Stop the $30 billion dollar handout to Israel, is one up & coming movement. While our own children are hungry, while our own country's infrastructure is crumbling, why should we give aid to Israel? That money is needed here.


300 Racist Rabbis

This week there is a new media sensation, the information that first fifty rabbis had issued a religious edict forbidding Jews to rent or lease land to non-Jews. Approximately two hundred and fifty more rabbis endorsed this.

I cannot help thinking these racist laws are an echo of the Nuremberg Laws of the 1930's. That was when Germany started with the blatant boycott of Jews. Jews became targets with little recourse but to accept their situation against the hysteria, hatred and fear.

Some historians called the German's racist laws the first steps on the road to the death camps.


The State of Palestine

I am feeling elated at the news that Brazil and Argentina have recognized the state of Palestine on the '67 borders. This brings the count to six, the four others are Costa Rica, Cuba, Nicaraugua and Venezuela.

Uruguay said it will recognize the Palestinian State in 2011 and France has said that they too will recognize Palestine.

Of course the USA, being that it knows everything, wants the world to wait and keep on accommodating the zionist project that has been a sixty-three year failure and misery to the peoples of the Middle East.

Tonight as I sit here warm & snug at the computer, the children of Palestinian Muslims and Christians are being targeted by the lawless IOF, IDF, PA and by targeted, I mean dragged from their beds in the middle of the night, beaten ~ often severely enough to cause broken bones, hooded, cuffed and interrogated with no attorney or family member permitted to be present.


Fear of Famine

Have you heard Sinead O'Connor's song called Famine? There are many copies of it on UTube if you haven't. I'll at least post a link when I'm more computer literate.... sigh, shrug.
In the song Famine, Sinead sings/raps that there never really was a famine because the whole time of potato crop failure, England moved under armed guard, cattle, fish, fruits, vegetables and grain to England. Leaving the Irish to starve, dependant on the meager pinches of 'charity', which was looked down on because it encouraged dependance,and donations from America of cattle corn, not fit for human consumption.

My own Father's Mother emigrated to USA because of the hunger and poverty. The way it worked (according to Gramma) was her only surviving brother, Martin, would inherit the farm(which I believe was rented) because he had to make a living to support a family. Probably why so many Irish families promised at least one son to the Catholic Church priesthood, all economic survival. Wonder if it also explains the military?

My Grandmother's parents decided that she would go to USA, get one of those 'high wage factory jobs' and send her pay check home, what she didn't need to live on. My Grandmother sent money home to Ireland her entire life. Though how she managed with all those mouths to feed and a husband who struggled for employment, even huckstering. My father would go with him and I think they were the happiest days of my Father's childhood.

My Grandmother's youngest, of nine children, was born in 1931. My Gram felt food insecure her whole life, from Ireland to America. I wonder if my fear of famine is a genetic memory?

The zionist induced famine in Gaza is a barbaric tactic with a lengthy pedigree. The United States genocidal act of slaughtering the buffalo & its' current war on the wolves of Yellowstone Park is another crime of manifest destiny and colonization.


those sneaky, sneaky settlements

Is there anti-semitism rampant in the world? Using an agreed upon definition of anti-semitism as universal distaste for those who identify as Jews, and by implication identify those of us non-Jews as gentiles.

Today I read an article on Who Profits, a great web site that I'll have to paste the link in later, that stated there are 135 Israeli settlements on OPT (occupied Palestinian Territory ~ which is the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem).
In addition there are dozens of 'outposts', which are caravans that are parked wherever an Israeli Jew wants, they see themselves as pioneers. Most are unfortunately rabidly racist and armed to the teeth.

If you read an American(USA) or Israeli news article it might state the same facts as: there are 135 settlements(really little cities) in the 'disputed' area of 'Judea and Samaria', Jerusalem, the eternal and indivisible capitol of the Jewish and Democratic State of Israel.

Settlements imply that their is no occupation ongoing along with the brutal seige of Gaza, it would imply that zionist Israelis are long-suffering, accomodating, peace loving party in this "dispute".

I for one will not call this a dispute, a dispute implies dialogue and does not sound violent. You wouldn't think a dispute would call for bombing innocent civilians with the gleeful cheerleading of the Israeli commonfolk, as MADEINUSA bombs of white phosphorus were dropped on hospitals and innocents.

So let us call this a more appropriate name, Sanctioned by USA & Europe ~ The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine. The relentless sixtytwo years of deliberate, ceaseless, brutality; all on account of zionists coveting the Holy Land.

After all, I've never been to Palestine, and it's my Holy Land too.
So when I hear about IOF restricting Muslims from Al Quds to those over 40 and ruining the Via Dolorosa, where Christians have pilgramaged to over the centuries, violated by a despicable apartheid wall/land grab, seeing those seeking sanctuary in the Bethlehem Church being sniped and killed, I wonder about Jewish obsession with anti-semitism. Demolishing those walls with relief etchings in Tiberius, 3,500 years old, because they didn't fit their narrative.

The zionists know perfectly well how human nature works. Treat a person as a dog and he may eventually bite you. Yet there is all this havoc since the inception of the zionist project, and you aren't taken in by hasbara any longer, you've seen the reality of "Cast lead Dreidle" so you know who the aggressors are and zionists are worried about anti-semitism.

The zionists have no desire for peace, they like the situation as it is, with the zionist privilege and power and immunity from justice they would be crazy to give up, much easier to worry about the next that how the thinking goes?

Maybe being walled off for security, especially at others' expense, is the very root of racism?