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Free Palestina


Khader Adnan makes deal to end Strike

We have news today from the Guardian that Khader Adnan has agreed to a deal with Israel to end his hunger strike, today on his 66th day with no food.  In exchange the Israelis have agreed to free him on April 17th, unless they find 'additional' evidence.

This announcement came just hours before the Israeli Supreme Court was to hear Adnan's case in regard to Administrative Detention.  This Administrative Detention means the prisoner has no idea of what s/he is charged with or what evidence has been gathered, if any.  The Israelis were terrified that the Supreme Court would rule against this egregious violation of human rights.

I found it particularly revolting when Israeli spokesperson Mark Regev said, (paraphrase) Other countries do it too, like a whiney 9 year old.

Khader Adnan is in hospital, no information if his legs and arm are still shackled, which to a person who's been without food for 66 days is extremely painful.  Even the Brits were not so cruel to Bobby Sands, they rigged a cage over Bobby Sands body because even a blanket was too painful, what with bed sores and blisters.

Of course Thatcher's Britain allowed ten hunger strikers perish before they bowed to world opinion.

Khader Adnan agreed to start eating immediately.  Bravo!


Gaza Reeling in the Dark

Limited electricity in Gaza  according to information in latest post.
Irish in Gaza's blogpost   This situation is a disaster for everyone because there will be no clean water, hospitals will be unable to operate.

This is another Zionist tactic to persecute the enclosed people of Gaza.  Another humanitarian disaster because of crowded conditions disease could run rampant.

People reading this, please read the link which is concise and succinct, offers information on what we can do, what those of us who care can do.

It is my opinion that electricity, in this day, is a necessity of life.  The zionist project has corralled 1.7 million people into the tiny Gaza Strip.  They have destroyed all the amenities of life and are now withdrawing the necessities.  Gaza has been under blockade since the 2007 capture of  Israeli Occupation soldier, Gilad Shalit.

At the end of 2011 the Israelis brokered a deal with Hamas to exchange over a thousand Palestinian prisoners for the return of Gilad Shalit, but they did not end their siege.

Remember when the rogue entity decided to put Gaza "on a diet"?
That is still ongoing, the checkpoints are still ongoing, the administrative detention is still on going, the attacks on Al Aqsa are still ongoing, the home demolitions, still happening, the imprisonment of 1.7 people now without electricity, still happening, bombs dropping and murder, a daily event.


#Dying2Live Adnan's Hunger Strike

Today, Wednesday, February 15, 2012 is the 60th day of Sheikh Khader Adnan's hunger strike.  Mr. Adnan is a political prisoner arrested by Israeli Occupation Authority, (IOA).  He is under administration detention in violation of International and Humanitarian laws.

Under administrative detention Adnan is not privy to the charges against him, what evidence the IOA has against him, and a litany of other abuses which is what Khader Adnan is protesting by his hunger strike.  If  Mr. Adnan does not survive, the responsibility will rest entirely on the IOA and the Israeli occupation itself.  His condition has deteriorated perhaps to the point of no return.

Twitter has many tweets concerning the hunger strike, hash tag #dying2live.  So many of us would choose food before dignity and that is what Adnan has done.  People stand in solidarity with Adnan around the world, we all admire a person who resists oppression.  The outcry from the world is for Israel to release Adnan immediately and to end their torment and persecution of Palestinians.  Israel must end their deliberate use of torture, administrative detention, and ignoring UN resolutions.  The United States must rouse their elected officials out of their apathy towards Palestine and their subservience to 'their best friend and ally.'
The US citizens are angry with our officials perpetually allowing Israel to exploit our country; to take our tax dollars and spy on us.  Jonathan Pollard gave our secrets to Israel, who then sold our top secret information to China!!

Yesterday Sheikh Adnan slipped into a coma.

This information comes from PIC and realistic bird's blog at her Silver Lining site.

This video is from the brother of an Irish hunger striker who died and the cousin of another Irish hunger striker.  The UTube site has many support videos for Khader Adnan and his family.
During the troubles of Bobby Sands' era.
This is a video of support and compassion for Mr. Adnan and his family.  It is quite moving:


The Caterpillar vs The Olive Tree

Is there anyone out there who hears the word Caterpillar and does not immediately think of Rachel Corrie?  Her life was brief but her impact is still earth-shaking. 

Rachel dedicated her life to humanitarian causes.
Her family could not persuade the elected officials of Congress to investigate her death.  United States elected officials are very reluctant to question anything that Israel does.  It isn't likely that you're unfamiliar with her biography but on the off chance you are; she was crushed to death in Palestine by an Israeli driving a Caterpillar Bulldozer.

The Israeli government put the soldiers that buried Ms. Corrie alive on trial.  The bulldozer driver testified behind a screen, supposedly for his protection.  I'm not sure how that trial ended, you see the main stream media in the USA have a habit of omitting any information that is critical of Israel.

Now why did I bring up  the Olive Tree and say versus the caterpillar? 

The Olive Tree signifies Palestine.  The olive tree can live for centuries.  I don't know how to care for an olive tree, but in my opinion, they require little.  They are sturdy and live in a rugged desert ecosystem.  These trees are the very symbol of peace.  The olive tree can live for centuries and the fruit they bear have many uses.  These are living beings, they are loved and nurtured by the Palestinian families that nurture and love them.

The Caterpillar represents Israel.  A machine for destroying trees, homes, livelihoods and people.
The bulldozer is not a living being.  They are not loved, they are maintained and exploited to cause human suffering.  They do not make the desert bloom, they make the desert barren.

Which will prevail?  Will it be the heartless metal moster that is Zionist or will it be the living, breathing bearer of fruit?


AIPAC Conference - A polite rant

AIPAC Conference to be held in Washington D.C. soon has released their roster of guest speakers.  I agree with Mantiq Al Tayr that AIPAC's Conference of Traitors (hereafter referred to as COT) list of guest speakers are dull, monotonous, and in the case of USA government officials, too subservient and beholden to give a speech that will keep a person awake.

I have been mulling over this conundrum for the last week and am embarrassed to report that I'm hard pressed to come up with any overt-zionists with enough pazzazz or razzle-dazzel to rock the conference and raise those funds for AIPAC's many goals here in USA.
Here are a couple of entertainers, all Tribal members, and with the exception of Gene Simmons, I have no idea of the politics of the other two.
I promise to update this post with links, maybe flesh it out a bit, stuff I'm too pressed for time to deal with tonight.

Looking forward to any/all responses from Mantiq & the Flock, will not pluck any feathers in the hope of preening them in a bid for attention and justice for all under occupation and imprisoned.

  • Gene Simmons from the rock band Kiss is a fervent zionist, he could probably still get his feet into those platform boots and squeeze into his trademark spandex space suit.  With enough make up + wig he could have a double do his act, there are Kiss tribute bands too, I think.  That will have hoi polloi on their feet, flicking their Zippos, jamming to the oldies, with their signature song:  "I wanna rock & roll all night; and party everyday."  Could be a winner.
  • Pink, a relative newcomer, compared to Kiss anyway.  Maybe she could get the crowd rockin and waving their hands in the air, like they just don't care, with her #1 hit, "I'm comin up & you better get the party started."  She's upbeat & doesn't mind showing a little skin a la "Lady Marmalaide."
  • Daniel Tosh of the Comedy Central Show:  Tosh.0, a fresh young comedian with a repertoire of risque, daring and spicy humor.  He would be my choice if I were booking for the COT, just because of his ability to make me laugh & he would definitely make the audience squirm.


Dual Citizenship Nixed for Submarine Crew

No dual citizens need apply to train for elite Israeli submarine crew.  The article on Ynet is succinct and better written than my feeble attempt.  It is definitely worth reading.

I agree that the special arrangement between the USA and Israel is ridiculous.  However, President Obama had Rahm Emmanuel, a dual citizen, as his chief of staff, before Emmanuel resigned.   That would be the one who's father, commenting on his son's honor at being chosen as Chief of Staff, rudely replied, "What is he, an Arab that should sweep floors?'(sic)
In fact there are many dual citizens in the United States Congress.

Under the Israeli Knesset rules, no dual citizens can be elected to be in government, you must pledge your loyalty to Israel.  I think that is sensible.  What is not sensible is that the United States has allowed our government to become polluted with people with double loyalties.  In my humble opinion it seems that the dual US/Is dual citizens always choose Israel first....though I would be called anti-Semitic for saying so.

The Royal Scam by Steely Dan:

  • inspired by an idea originated by Denny and Skunk(band members). They said that Lincoln Administration and Emancipation Proclamation were part of a "royal scam".  The north was as tyrannical as theBritish Monarchy, against whom the War for Independence had been fought. Denny and Skunk equated the Confederacy as a rebellion against this royal scam.  Paraphrased from UTube's commenter:
  • That's Neil Sedaka laying down on the bench (really)


Terri Ginsberg vs Zionist Power Configuration

Open Letter to North Carolina Supreme Court: Ginsberg vs. North Carolina State University Petition | GoPetition

Sign this petition to support Terri Ginsberg.  She was on the tenure track until she voiced criticism of Israel.  The North Carolina University fired her.  She has lost her case in North Carolina courts twice.

This is from an article at MuzzleWatch, a sister blog to Jewish Voice for Peace
MuzzleWatch article