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Free Palestina


The Caterpillar vs The Olive Tree

Is there anyone out there who hears the word Caterpillar and does not immediately think of Rachel Corrie?  Her life was brief but her impact is still earth-shaking. 

Rachel dedicated her life to humanitarian causes.
Her family could not persuade the elected officials of Congress to investigate her death.  United States elected officials are very reluctant to question anything that Israel does.  It isn't likely that you're unfamiliar with her biography but on the off chance you are; she was crushed to death in Palestine by an Israeli driving a Caterpillar Bulldozer.

The Israeli government put the soldiers that buried Ms. Corrie alive on trial.  The bulldozer driver testified behind a screen, supposedly for his protection.  I'm not sure how that trial ended, you see the main stream media in the USA have a habit of omitting any information that is critical of Israel.

Now why did I bring up  the Olive Tree and say versus the caterpillar? 

The Olive Tree signifies Palestine.  The olive tree can live for centuries.  I don't know how to care for an olive tree, but in my opinion, they require little.  They are sturdy and live in a rugged desert ecosystem.  These trees are the very symbol of peace.  The olive tree can live for centuries and the fruit they bear have many uses.  These are living beings, they are loved and nurtured by the Palestinian families that nurture and love them.

The Caterpillar represents Israel.  A machine for destroying trees, homes, livelihoods and people.
The bulldozer is not a living being.  They are not loved, they are maintained and exploited to cause human suffering.  They do not make the desert bloom, they make the desert barren.

Which will prevail?  Will it be the heartless metal moster that is Zionist or will it be the living, breathing bearer of fruit?

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