Free Palestina

Free Palestina


Gaza Reeling in the Dark

Limited electricity in Gaza  according to information in latest post.
Irish in Gaza's blogpost   This situation is a disaster for everyone because there will be no clean water, hospitals will be unable to operate.

This is another Zionist tactic to persecute the enclosed people of Gaza.  Another humanitarian disaster because of crowded conditions disease could run rampant.

People reading this, please read the link which is concise and succinct, offers information on what we can do, what those of us who care can do.

It is my opinion that electricity, in this day, is a necessity of life.  The zionist project has corralled 1.7 million people into the tiny Gaza Strip.  They have destroyed all the amenities of life and are now withdrawing the necessities.  Gaza has been under blockade since the 2007 capture of  Israeli Occupation soldier, Gilad Shalit.

At the end of 2011 the Israelis brokered a deal with Hamas to exchange over a thousand Palestinian prisoners for the return of Gilad Shalit, but they did not end their siege.

Remember when the rogue entity decided to put Gaza "on a diet"?
That is still ongoing, the checkpoints are still ongoing, the administrative detention is still on going, the attacks on Al Aqsa are still ongoing, the home demolitions, still happening, the imprisonment of 1.7 people now without electricity, still happening, bombs dropping and murder, a daily event.

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