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Free Palestina


Dual Citizenship Nixed for Submarine Crew

No dual citizens need apply to train for elite Israeli submarine crew.  The article on Ynet is succinct and better written than my feeble attempt.  It is definitely worth reading.

I agree that the special arrangement between the USA and Israel is ridiculous.  However, President Obama had Rahm Emmanuel, a dual citizen, as his chief of staff, before Emmanuel resigned.   That would be the one who's father, commenting on his son's honor at being chosen as Chief of Staff, rudely replied, "What is he, an Arab that should sweep floors?'(sic)
In fact there are many dual citizens in the United States Congress.

Under the Israeli Knesset rules, no dual citizens can be elected to be in government, you must pledge your loyalty to Israel.  I think that is sensible.  What is not sensible is that the United States has allowed our government to become polluted with people with double loyalties.  In my humble opinion it seems that the dual US/Is dual citizens always choose Israel first....though I would be called anti-Semitic for saying so.

The Royal Scam by Steely Dan:

  • inspired by an idea originated by Denny and Skunk(band members). They said that Lincoln Administration and Emancipation Proclamation were part of a "royal scam".  The north was as tyrannical as theBritish Monarchy, against whom the War for Independence had been fought. Denny and Skunk equated the Confederacy as a rebellion against this royal scam.  Paraphrased from UTube's commenter:
  • That's Neil Sedaka laying down on the bench (really)

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