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Free Palestina


#Dying2Live Adnan's Hunger Strike

Today, Wednesday, February 15, 2012 is the 60th day of Sheikh Khader Adnan's hunger strike.  Mr. Adnan is a political prisoner arrested by Israeli Occupation Authority, (IOA).  He is under administration detention in violation of International and Humanitarian laws.

Under administrative detention Adnan is not privy to the charges against him, what evidence the IOA has against him, and a litany of other abuses which is what Khader Adnan is protesting by his hunger strike.  If  Mr. Adnan does not survive, the responsibility will rest entirely on the IOA and the Israeli occupation itself.  His condition has deteriorated perhaps to the point of no return.

Twitter has many tweets concerning the hunger strike, hash tag #dying2live.  So many of us would choose food before dignity and that is what Adnan has done.  People stand in solidarity with Adnan around the world, we all admire a person who resists oppression.  The outcry from the world is for Israel to release Adnan immediately and to end their torment and persecution of Palestinians.  Israel must end their deliberate use of torture, administrative detention, and ignoring UN resolutions.  The United States must rouse their elected officials out of their apathy towards Palestine and their subservience to 'their best friend and ally.'
The US citizens are angry with our officials perpetually allowing Israel to exploit our country; to take our tax dollars and spy on us.  Jonathan Pollard gave our secrets to Israel, who then sold our top secret information to China!!

Yesterday Sheikh Adnan slipped into a coma.

This information comes from PIC and realistic bird's blog at her Silver Lining site.

This video is from the brother of an Irish hunger striker who died and the cousin of another Irish hunger striker.  The UTube site has many support videos for Khader Adnan and his family.
During the troubles of Bobby Sands' era.
This is a video of support and compassion for Mr. Adnan and his family.  It is quite moving:

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