Free Palestina

Free Palestina


Khader Adnan makes deal to end Strike

We have news today from the Guardian that Khader Adnan has agreed to a deal with Israel to end his hunger strike, today on his 66th day with no food.  In exchange the Israelis have agreed to free him on April 17th, unless they find 'additional' evidence.

This announcement came just hours before the Israeli Supreme Court was to hear Adnan's case in regard to Administrative Detention.  This Administrative Detention means the prisoner has no idea of what s/he is charged with or what evidence has been gathered, if any.  The Israelis were terrified that the Supreme Court would rule against this egregious violation of human rights.

I found it particularly revolting when Israeli spokesperson Mark Regev said, (paraphrase) Other countries do it too, like a whiney 9 year old.

Khader Adnan is in hospital, no information if his legs and arm are still shackled, which to a person who's been without food for 66 days is extremely painful.  Even the Brits were not so cruel to Bobby Sands, they rigged a cage over Bobby Sands body because even a blanket was too painful, what with bed sores and blisters.

Of course Thatcher's Britain allowed ten hunger strikers perish before they bowed to world opinion.

Khader Adnan agreed to start eating immediately.  Bravo!

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