Free Palestina

Free Palestina


AIPAC Comes to DC

On Monday, March 5, 2012, the Aipac conference will be in the U.S.A.'s capitol, Washington D.C.  Anyone who's anyone will be there, from President Obama, Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich and of course Israel's own obsequesious, Benyamin Netanyahu.

The conference is another chance for Netanyahu to attempt to browbeat Obama into war with Iran.
Netanyahu, who is no stranger to the arts of bullying will employ all of his multitudinous whiles to wheedle, coax, plead, coerce, nudge, manipulate, in plain words do whatever it takes to grab Obama by the ears and make him submit to his will.

His will is war.  His will is perpetual war.  He's only alive during war.  O what a vicarious thrill when there is war.  War with Iran in particular or war with Syria, he's not fussy.  War for war's sake and war to make money.  The bottom line is Israel must have war to have hegemony in the Middle East.

Imagine, if you will, the Middle East under the domination of irrational Israel.  Look at what this group of fanatics have wrought on Palestine and imagine if they had a free hand in the entire region.  The Israelis would try to take the Middle East back to Biblical times, with all the bloodshed that implies.

Look at what the Israelis did to Lebanon.  Look at Libya.  Look at Iraq which was a proxy war for Israel.
These zealots would turn the region into a genocided wasteland.  A region with nar an oasis, not fit for man or camel.

Please, if you are able, join in any of the anti AIPAC movements, from Occupy Aipac, to Jewish Voice for Peace, to Alison Weir's Council for National Interest (CNI)link to Occupy AIPAC 
and just  by using Google you come up with many many more anti Aipac actions  groups also include Code Pink, enough groups so that each and everyone of us will feel  comfortable with our choice.

This is not just another fund raising event for aspiring politicians, this is the premier event at which donations are pledged and some suggest our next president is annointed.  We must make a difference this year, with perilous war talk being bandied about like what to have for dinner.  I'd like to leave you with the classic civil rights anthem by the incomparable Sam Cooke:  


  1. Hi Ruby

    How are my two winter solstice babies doing? I just stumbled on your blog. I apologize for not checking in March when I sent you the link about Tom Thumb. So much is happening in my domestic life that I am quite disorganised.

    Sam Cooke was one of my favourite singers during my University years in the U.S.S.R. (1964-1967). I heard at the time that he was murdered. I need to check it.

    Regarding all those wars, I'll tell you more of their root causes later.

    Take care


    I am fascinated by the Symphony No 9 in D minor Op 125 Choral as played by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. It is absolute perfection, but it lacks soul! Such great and expensive concerts are today destined to the wealthy and appeal to them immensely, but that kind of music originally was meant to elevate the soul and reach out to God, and the soulless rich who are behind all wars are so far away from God.

    I have a million scars, Rubina, but life goes on, but until the very end I will not change my ways!

    AIPAC (the former American Zionist Council that was behind the assassination of JFK, RFK and JFK Jr) is powerful and has replaced God in America only because we gave them that power over us.

    What the Jews (British, France and America) did to Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, and Libya, it was the fault of the Arabs and the Muslims who fell into decadence.

    1. Arabs allied with Satan (the West) and fought the Ottomans. THEY LOST PALESTINE!
    2. Muslims and Sheikh Usama Bin Ladin allied with the Great Satan (America) and fought the Soviets. HE LOST HIS LIFE AND MUSLIMS LOST AFGHANISTAN!
    3. Saddam Hussain allied with Satan (the US, the French, the British and the Saudis) and fought the Iranians. HE LOST HIS LIFE AND MUSLIMS LOST IRAQ!
    4. After the Second Algerian Holocaust perpetrated by the French, Algeria allied with Satan (France). THEY REAPED A THIRD HOLOCAUST!
    5. Muammar Al Ghaddafi allied with Satan (France and the West). HE LOST HIS LIFE AND LIBYA!

    And this will go on until the Arabs and Muslims learn the lesson! I mean Satan, not in the religious way, but the real earthly forces of evil!


  3. Hey Basheer

    So pleased to hear from you.
    As you can see I've been neglecting my blog. I get so depressed reading about the repetitive zionist crimes that I can barely bear to read about OPT but I force myself. And my distress is as nothing compared to those living under injustice & tyranny.

    I've been doing a bit of reading about the water apartheid and want to do a post on the subject when I'm more coherent & less angry.

    Give your adorable grand daughters a hug & kiss for me, Basheer, I'm always happy to hear from you.
    Love & affection, Ruby

  4. June 19, 2012 at 10:36 PM
    "How are my two winter solstice babies doing?"

    Did I mean Susan and Wendy?

    So, it was six months later in December 2012 that I would receive a Christmas Card from my beloved and a couple of months later Destiny would knock at our doors.

    Is this not magic, wonderful, amazing ...?

    Love and deep affection
    Wednesday 6 March 2013