Free Palestina

Free Palestina


A Russian Love Song

This is called a Russian Love Song, sung in Russian by Judy Collins in the 1960's.
Ms. Collins has one of the loveliest voices I've heard.

Now you may wonder what this is doing on Personal Pain, very simply this is my humble offering for those of my readers from Russia.

If I were more worldly or educated perhaps I'd know some Christmas Carols by Russian singers, singing in Russian but I hope you enjoy the beauty of this offering.

Sadly, Christmas in the USA is now a day of ultra consumerism. You have frantic, panic stricken shoppers, desperate to find suitable gifts. It is a challenge to find any gift that is not 'made in China.

I want to wish all readers a day of joy, perhaps a day of reflection on the timeless message of Jesus' birth;
Glory to God in the Highest, Peace on Earth and Goodwill towards All.

And may you all be blessed with a prosperous, productive, glorious New Year.


Occupy USA

This is my city - notice more police than people.

Among the many reports that Kellog Brown Root, a subsidiary of Halliburton has been commissioned to get detention centers in all 50 states ready for occupants.

I remember reading that the largest detention centers are in Alaska and outside of Chicago, Illinois. In Western Pennsylvania they have refurbished (rehabilitated haha) one of the elderly prisons or juvenile detention centers, the one they used to call Morganza, if memory serves.

The police are all suited up in their anti terrorist uniforms and many fear it is US citizens that will be rounded up, for at best, indoctrination.

I do not want to speculate on what will be the worst that will happen.

Nevertheless, let me warn you if there is a tornado, flood, or other wide spread disaster, it is my advise to all that you should stay in your home. If the government instructs you, like they did in New Orleans, to go to a sports arena, do not do it.

Those people in Louisiana sweated and went days without food, they were thirsty, there were no provisions. We all saw the corpses bloating in the sun for days. These government types are not our friends, we are just the means to a pay check.

The decision is yours, but I will not go willingly and that is all.


Zionism's True Face

Certain aspects of Zionism are carefully hidden. The Orwellian use of words is rampant in the zionism movement from the beginning days, when Jews considered colonizing Argentina, Uganda and Texas among other places for their Jewish homeland.
The word colony is now taboo.
From the beginning Herzl and his cohorts knew that the only way to take over Palestine was either by buying out the property; failing that effort take what they wanted by the sword, violent conquest.
Palestine was decided upon because of the sentimental Biblical connection. The end of the 19th century, Herzl and some 900 mostly newly formed zionist organizations began their organizing and plans. Yesterday I read an article about negotiations between Germany & Zionists regarding more cash for Jewish survivors of WWII. These demands for cash, tax payer cash, seem relentless.
Many people suffered during the 1930's & '40's, but most got little in the way of compensation. Many people have suffered; Japan, China, Russia, Cambodia, Viet Nam, Haiti, Panama, Bangladesh, Tibet and the gross attempt at genocide in Rwanda? Why are there no clever lawyers or cunning advocates to secure money for survivors of these and countless other victims of aggression?
How about the survivors of Iraq, the cradle of civilization? Afghanistan, graveyard of empires, Pakistan, Lebanon, Libya, Tunisa, Egypt where millions have been brutally slain by US/Nato aggression, who is negotiating for reparations for the murdrs & unwarranted aggression?
And of course Palestine, the Holy Land, land of peace and prophets. Why are there no museums dedicated to the memory of Nakba? We in USA saw the streets run red with blood, choked with the swollen, slain bodies that medics were thwarted from retrieving,they were eaten by dogs. We saw some of the terror in real time.
The showers of white phosphorus, the injuries that confounded doctors who were dealing with weapon such as dense inert metal explosives DIME that caused loss of limbs, and shrapnel so small the wounds were virtually untreatable.
I'll leave you with this song if I can get my link to work, have been having recent trouble, but here goes: Did not work, I'll update later if I can figure what the problemo is.
Yours in peace and hope for justice, Kate</i>
Zionist Money - Busta Rhymes Arab Money - Diss - Remake - YouTube


Support movie about Gaza by Gazans This is a project I will be supporting with whatever meager funds I can donate. It is so frustrating to read posts & articles describing the horrendous conditions the illegal Israeli seige both land and sea has had on the innocent civilians trapped in what has been described as an open air prison. The Israelis maintain that they have eased the seige that was supposedly imposed in reaction to the capture of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, a dual French/Israeli. Since his release last month nothing has been done to end the blockade. I find it duplicitous that Americans of Jewish heritage can enlist in Israeli occupation forces (IOF) then come back to USA and get into politics like Rahm Emmanuel. Contrast that to the John Walker Lindh trials and tribulations or Austrailia's David Hicks, former Guantanemo 'detainee.' Anyway this is a trailer for a movie that needs funding about two Gazans, a woman and a girl during Israeli's '08-'09 operation Cast Lead that claimed over 1,400 lives in Gaza and 13 Israeli lives. Watch the video and pass it around. Thank you ">