Free Palestina

Free Palestina


A Russian Love Song

This is called a Russian Love Song, sung in Russian by Judy Collins in the 1960's.
Ms. Collins has one of the loveliest voices I've heard.

Now you may wonder what this is doing on Personal Pain, very simply this is my humble offering for those of my readers from Russia.

If I were more worldly or educated perhaps I'd know some Christmas Carols by Russian singers, singing in Russian but I hope you enjoy the beauty of this offering.

Sadly, Christmas in the USA is now a day of ultra consumerism. You have frantic, panic stricken shoppers, desperate to find suitable gifts. It is a challenge to find any gift that is not 'made in China.

I want to wish all readers a day of joy, perhaps a day of reflection on the timeless message of Jesus' birth;
Glory to God in the Highest, Peace on Earth and Goodwill towards All.

And may you all be blessed with a prosperous, productive, glorious New Year.

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