Free Palestina

Free Palestina


Sen.Bob Casey, re: your summer vacation in Israel

Senator Robert Casey, D(PA)

I have written to you many times to express my concerns about your performance & positions in Senate.

The matter of the 'Israel' against the whole world is due to Israel's adamant refusal to abide by UN resolutions and international law. Now you've obligated yourself & Pennsylvania to Israel, the proud occupiers of Palestine for over sixty years. You have put us in this position by accepting AIPAC cash & your recent junket to Israel.
Every time I wrote I implored you not to let yourself be stranded on the wrong side of history.

You have a parochial Roman Catholic foundation like I do. You know in your heart you have to live with your conscience, you cannot lie to yourself. The rites & trappings of religion may fall away but I think not your moral foundation, what you learn in your innocent years stays with you longest. So I don't know or care to know how you deal with religion today, what I care about is how you conduct the business of the USA.

Senator Casey, this is your time to take charge and take action. You could pick up that Palestinian Cross and bear some of the burden for those Christians & Muslims living under the zionist boot of oppression and occupation. You could aid the disposed refugees, who want nothing more than to go home.
Fulfill your potential to positively affect mankind. Do the Right Thing.

You're already back from Israel. Tell me, your honor, what did you see in 'Israel'? Videos I've seen on UTube show an ordinary country, no tanks holding up traffic, no buildings with gaping bullet holes, all the barbarity is effectively conducted and concealed by the 26 foot high apartheid wall.
Did you visit the Palestinians while you were in their country? The Christians are not permitted to practice their religion and we're quite familiar of with the attacks on Al Aqsa, the Dome of the Rock.

Why did you go there?

I smell Bastille Day energy, there's the fear, panic, hostility, much more terrifying atmosphere than the faux 9/11.

Senator Casey this is your opportunity of a life time, embrace it. You're not hugely endowed in the charisma department but take on this cause and your inner light of goodness will glow through you. People recognize the truth and in the scheme of things we all have responsibilities to humanity and justice. I know you have it in you to let your inner lights shine. *********************************************************************************************************** I wrote this piece in the summer when Congress & Senate were in recess. I was enraged at Senator Casey and the eighty other US elected officials being feted with junkets to Israel. All expenses paid by offshoots of AIPAC. It makes me wonder what price will be incurred. What issue will Senator Casey be asked to vote for in Israel's interest as opposed to the interests of the people who elected him. While my city of Pittsburgh is suffering with mass unemployment, frozen so a junket to Israel. While my city of Pittsburgh is suffering with mass unemployment, frozen social security benefits and rising costs of utilities and groceries. It is now the age of Occupy Wall Street and I am part of the 99% - where are you Senator Casey? Which class are you most comfortable in?


Stop Desecration of Mamilla

CONTACT: Jen Nessel, CCR, (212) 614-6449,, David Lerner, Riptide Communications, (212) 260-5000,

Archaeologists Worldwide Urge Halt to “Museum of Tolerance"

The Simon Wiesenthal Center wants to build what they call a "Museum of Tolerance." The major sticking point is that the location they chose is Mamilla Cemetary which dates from the era of Salah Udin, and has been used continuously until the capture of Jerusalem in 1967 by zionists.

There are videos on YouTube of zionists bulldozing the cemetary after midnight, under the cover of darkness. When the operators of the Caterpillar bulldozers noticed they were being filmed they quickly departed.

I deduce from that fact that the zionists are aware they are desecrating a protected area, a Muslim heritage area.

As most readers are aware this latest attempt at erasing evidence of Muslim culture in the Holy Land which sounds so bland, 'a Museum of Tolerance' is in effect another sneaky ploy to usurp Occupied Palestinian Territory and disappear a landmark from the seventh or eighth century.

The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs alerted me via email that the Center for Constitutional Rights has a petition to stop the Simon Wiesenthal Center from destroying this Muslim heritage site.
This section in quotes is cut & pasted as a synopsis, more concise & succinct than I am capable of:
"The Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) and other groups have filed a petition on behalf of the Palestinian descendants of those buried in an ancient Muslim cemetery, the Mamilla Cemetery, in Jerusalem. The petition, which was filed with several international bodies, urges Israel to: halt construction of the “Museum of Tolerance” by the Simon Wiesenthal Center; investigate human rights violations; rebury human remains; and declare the Mamilla Cemetery a protected antiquities site. For additional information, please visit the Mamilla Campaign website at"

Information also at

Bloodless Coup in Jerusalem

The status of Jerusalem, according to the UN, is a 'corpus separatum'. This means that the city belongs to the world because it is the center of the three Abrahamic religions.

I've been noticing for some time now that zionists have devised an insidious plot to take Jerusalem in a bloodless coup.

How does this clever ploy work? Yesterday I was reading an article on Ynet and they refer to Jerusalem as the capitol of 'Israel' - it is not. The capitol of 'Israel' is Tel Aviv, where the US & other countries have their embassies.

The repitition of Jerusalem as the Jewish capitol is sneaky and cunning, the zionists by twisting the facts hope to accomplish a fait accompli. I've seen this also in other publications, enough to presume this is another zionist conspiracy.

Please all you lovers of justice for Palestine, do not let this sly trick rob the Palestinians of their Muslim and Christian heritage.

Do not let the zionists usurp Jerusalem. Challenge this inference that Jerusalem is Israel's capitol every time you see it. Thank you.

Your sister in peace, Kate