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Free Palestina


AIPAC Conference - A polite rant

AIPAC Conference to be held in Washington D.C. soon has released their roster of guest speakers.  I agree with Mantiq Al Tayr that AIPAC's Conference of Traitors (hereafter referred to as COT) list of guest speakers are dull, monotonous, and in the case of USA government officials, too subservient and beholden to give a speech that will keep a person awake.

I have been mulling over this conundrum for the last week and am embarrassed to report that I'm hard pressed to come up with any overt-zionists with enough pazzazz or razzle-dazzel to rock the conference and raise those funds for AIPAC's many goals here in USA.
Here are a couple of entertainers, all Tribal members, and with the exception of Gene Simmons, I have no idea of the politics of the other two.
I promise to update this post with links, maybe flesh it out a bit, stuff I'm too pressed for time to deal with tonight.

Looking forward to any/all responses from Mantiq & the Flock, will not pluck any feathers in the hope of preening them in a bid for attention and justice for all under occupation and imprisoned.

  • Gene Simmons from the rock band Kiss is a fervent zionist, he could probably still get his feet into those platform boots and squeeze into his trademark spandex space suit.  With enough make up + wig he could have a double do his act, there are Kiss tribute bands too, I think.  That will have hoi polloi on their feet, flicking their Zippos, jamming to the oldies, with their signature song:  "I wanna rock & roll all night; and party everyday."  Could be a winner.
  • Pink, a relative newcomer, compared to Kiss anyway.  Maybe she could get the crowd rockin and waving their hands in the air, like they just don't care, with her #1 hit, "I'm comin up & you better get the party started."  She's upbeat & doesn't mind showing a little skin a la "Lady Marmalaide."
  • Daniel Tosh of the Comedy Central Show:  Tosh.0, a fresh young comedian with a repertoire of risque, daring and spicy humor.  He would be my choice if I were booking for the COT, just because of his ability to make me laugh & he would definitely make the audience squirm.

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