Free Palestina

Free Palestina


those sneaky, sneaky settlements

Is there anti-semitism rampant in the world? Using an agreed upon definition of anti-semitism as universal distaste for those who identify as Jews, and by implication identify those of us non-Jews as gentiles.

Today I read an article on Who Profits, a great web site that I'll have to paste the link in later, that stated there are 135 Israeli settlements on OPT (occupied Palestinian Territory ~ which is the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem).
In addition there are dozens of 'outposts', which are caravans that are parked wherever an Israeli Jew wants, they see themselves as pioneers. Most are unfortunately rabidly racist and armed to the teeth.

If you read an American(USA) or Israeli news article it might state the same facts as: there are 135 settlements(really little cities) in the 'disputed' area of 'Judea and Samaria', Jerusalem, the eternal and indivisible capitol of the Jewish and Democratic State of Israel.

Settlements imply that their is no occupation ongoing along with the brutal seige of Gaza, it would imply that zionist Israelis are long-suffering, accomodating, peace loving party in this "dispute".

I for one will not call this a dispute, a dispute implies dialogue and does not sound violent. You wouldn't think a dispute would call for bombing innocent civilians with the gleeful cheerleading of the Israeli commonfolk, as MADEINUSA bombs of white phosphorus were dropped on hospitals and innocents.

So let us call this a more appropriate name, Sanctioned by USA & Europe ~ The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine. The relentless sixtytwo years of deliberate, ceaseless, brutality; all on account of zionists coveting the Holy Land.

After all, I've never been to Palestine, and it's my Holy Land too.
So when I hear about IOF restricting Muslims from Al Quds to those over 40 and ruining the Via Dolorosa, where Christians have pilgramaged to over the centuries, violated by a despicable apartheid wall/land grab, seeing those seeking sanctuary in the Bethlehem Church being sniped and killed, I wonder about Jewish obsession with anti-semitism. Demolishing those walls with relief etchings in Tiberius, 3,500 years old, because they didn't fit their narrative.

The zionists know perfectly well how human nature works. Treat a person as a dog and he may eventually bite you. Yet there is all this havoc since the inception of the zionist project, and you aren't taken in by hasbara any longer, you've seen the reality of "Cast lead Dreidle" so you know who the aggressors are and zionists are worried about anti-semitism.

The zionists have no desire for peace, they like the situation as it is, with the zionist privilege and power and immunity from justice they would be crazy to give up, much easier to worry about the next that how the thinking goes?

Maybe being walled off for security, especially at others' expense, is the very root of racism?

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