Free Palestina

Free Palestina


No Money for Occupation Maintenance

Remember how Hitler accused Poland of hostilities and ran a masterful pr campaign for the WWII invasion and occupation of Poland.

In those days treaties had some meaning, when an ally was aggressed on militarily, a nation having defense treaties and alliances could expect help, as Britain immediately responded to the Nazi maneuverings by declaring war.

May 31, 2010 saw Israel violating both international and humanitarian law by interference with the Freedom Flotilla Convoy. It is against maritime law to attack ships in international waters, and even in times of war it is illegal to board a ship on a humanitarian mission, trying to bring desperately needed medicines and other goods for the illegally imprisoned people of Gaza.

Israel also murdered 9 humanitarian activists, eight of whom had Turkish citizenship and one American/Turkish dual citizen, Furkan Dogan.

His name should become as familiar to the concerned for justice of the world, as Gilad Shalit.
Unfortunately, those of us interested enough are struggling to gain footing in the world's media, which in USA at least, the Palestine/Israeli conflict are for the large part seen through the Zionist/USA lens.

The Palestinians enjoy the high moral ground in international opinion, imho what is needed is to keep filming, blogging and donating. Devote what you possibly can in terms of time and joining the growingly successful Boycott, Divestment and Sanctuary movement.

Stop the $30 billion dollar handout to Israel, is one up & coming movement. While our own children are hungry, while our own country's infrastructure is crumbling, why should we give aid to Israel? That money is needed here.

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