Free Palestina

Free Palestina


The State of Palestine

I am feeling elated at the news that Brazil and Argentina have recognized the state of Palestine on the '67 borders. This brings the count to six, the four others are Costa Rica, Cuba, Nicaraugua and Venezuela.

Uruguay said it will recognize the Palestinian State in 2011 and France has said that they too will recognize Palestine.

Of course the USA, being that it knows everything, wants the world to wait and keep on accommodating the zionist project that has been a sixty-three year failure and misery to the peoples of the Middle East.

Tonight as I sit here warm & snug at the computer, the children of Palestinian Muslims and Christians are being targeted by the lawless IOF, IDF, PA and by targeted, I mean dragged from their beds in the middle of the night, beaten ~ often severely enough to cause broken bones, hooded, cuffed and interrogated with no attorney or family member permitted to be present.

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