Free Palestina

Free Palestina


The smearing of Obama

I read an article from the Palestine Chronical today. It was called US Nakedness: Zero Consequences for Israel. The author, Iqbal Jasset, was writing about Netanyahu's disdain regarding Obama's offer to give billions of dollars for jets, a permanent veto at the UN, any time Israel desires.

We have this other government official initially boasting about telling Netanyahu that Israel had no worries with the freshly elected or reelected, in fact they could count on him (think his name is Senator Berman)and his newly elected Republican colleagues would over-ride an Obama veto for the zionist cause in Palestine.

This is the US stark naked and humiliated in front of the entire world. Remember that old saying, "even a cat can look at the queen." Well here are the folks of our world seeing Obama brushed aside, because Israel has a lock on Congress, the Senate, and AIPAC plus perpetual funding.

And where is Obama's shame, to be sending billions upon billions of dollars directly into the pockets of the Military/Industrial/Media bosses, while American children are hungry and obese.

There is no shame is saying I quit this costly, unproductive, bloody, accursed war. It is over. Shut down those bases, Americans are not welcome anymore. Let's not go into all that today, that requires a book to explain.

Israel goes to far in lording it over the US, if common people become aware they will be screaming for pay back. Israel claims that they go psycho to terrify their opponents haven't seen what USAns morph into when pissed.

If my views offend anyone that is not my intention. What can you do when the truth is anti-semitic?

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