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Free Palestina


Fear of Famine

Have you heard Sinead O'Connor's song called Famine? There are many copies of it on UTube if you haven't. I'll at least post a link when I'm more computer literate.... sigh, shrug.
In the song Famine, Sinead sings/raps that there never really was a famine because the whole time of potato crop failure, England moved under armed guard, cattle, fish, fruits, vegetables and grain to England. Leaving the Irish to starve, dependant on the meager pinches of 'charity', which was looked down on because it encouraged dependance,and donations from America of cattle corn, not fit for human consumption.

My own Father's Mother emigrated to USA because of the hunger and poverty. The way it worked (according to Gramma) was her only surviving brother, Martin, would inherit the farm(which I believe was rented) because he had to make a living to support a family. Probably why so many Irish families promised at least one son to the Catholic Church priesthood, all economic survival. Wonder if it also explains the military?

My Grandmother's parents decided that she would go to USA, get one of those 'high wage factory jobs' and send her pay check home, what she didn't need to live on. My Grandmother sent money home to Ireland her entire life. Though how she managed with all those mouths to feed and a husband who struggled for employment, even huckstering. My father would go with him and I think they were the happiest days of my Father's childhood.

My Grandmother's youngest, of nine children, was born in 1931. My Gram felt food insecure her whole life, from Ireland to America. I wonder if my fear of famine is a genetic memory?

The zionist induced famine in Gaza is a barbaric tactic with a lengthy pedigree. The United States genocidal act of slaughtering the buffalo & its' current war on the wolves of Yellowstone Park is another crime of manifest destiny and colonization.

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