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Pat Toomey -You're Killing US!

Today, 5-27-11, Senator Pat Toomey R(PA) voted to crush medicaid and rely on a system of vouchers in place of single payer insurance. The song surely does remain the same.

Voters need to challenge this head on by going after congressional & senatorial medical coverage, there are no poor in either house, far from it. If that doesn't work, I'm aware of quite a lot of perks that the public shouldn't have to pay for.

If times are so dire that Senators have to target the vulnerable, why not a new tactic? Let the budget cuts start from on high, government(ahem)servants first.

We on the bottom have been 'it tagged' in this game way long, woefully too long.

Survival of the fittest or Love they neighbor?

Does the glimpse behind the facade unmask Senator Toomey's true values? He won his seat by supporting right wing wedge issues, endorses Christian and Family values.

And then he endorses and votes for this abomination. Accepted $29,500 from AIPAC in '09-'10, a freshman in the Senate. How much does this influence the Honorable Senator Pat Toomey?

Are Christian values really locking the hospital & clinic doors to the victims of medical emergencies & health care? Is health care reserved for the cash enabled? Despicable. High-couture health coverage for you, plus your entitled colleagues, back to the Bowery for the financially embarrased.

But to take away minimal Medicare/Medicaid for senior's, handicapped, orphans, despicable.

If you want to survive an illness Sen Toomey D(PA) wants for us to pay with an rationed amount of tickets or vouchers. What happens if you use them all and then become exposed to an unknown virus?

Abundant possibilities for exploitation and corruption...only the very well-off will be able to afford illness or broken bone...sick people will go 'rob a bank' just to get the minimal health treatment the prison industry provides.

My neighbors and I will be on our own, left on a gurney in the parking lot until we pass a credit check. We'll be in limbo if the computers are down; worse we'll be arrested if it doesn't recognize us because we remember our password wrong.

Senator Pat Toomey you are killing us and not in a subtle way. Who should lose their health coverage? The congressional/senatorial millionaires or those of us under the poverty line?

I think instead that we should reward your brazen money transfer toward the haves & against the rest of us. We could gather signatures, get an initiative put on the ballot, and let the people choose who is worthy to receive free, top-drawer, medical attention. Somehow I do not think you'd be in the top ten of that list.

Oh yeah, lets make that an honest vote if that is possible.

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