Free Palestina

Free Palestina



The over three hundred racist rabbis are still in the news. The ones that support "The King's Torah," which is basically a religious rule book. The many situations and times when Jews are legally permitted to kill nonJews, even babies,

Hey world out there: I'm hollerin at you now, these people are as racists as America was/is, but I remember the fifties and it was overt in USA. Things are a bit better as most vocal bigots will be shunned or shamed, and recall that presidential contender who was caught on video calling a person of color, Macaca (which I think translated to monkey.)How fast he got the boot?

Not so in plucky little Israeland.

In Israeland the holy men are notoriously prejudiced. The racism trickles down from the top and rises up from the grass roots, it permeates politics and religion.

Israeland is for Jews only, nonJews can only visit at the sufferance of the zionist, which brings me back to "the King's Torah." What nonJew would want to put themselves at risk of being killed on a whim?

The International Solidarity group put their bodies on the line for the occupied Palestinians and some even paid the ultimate sacrifice, along with the countless Palestinians whose names we almost never even learn.

Israeland has what they call armed settlers, fanatic zionists who make no secret that the indigenous Palestinians are squatting on their "promised land." They swagger about with their armed guards targetting children. And of course they kill, they kill in cold blood and they kill without penalty. If a settler or soldier is brought to court the sentence is always minimal.

Israeland is the zionist fantasy fulfilled. I wonder if the zionists foresaw that the religious intolerance would translate into genocide?

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