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Free Palestina


Goldstone on my Mind

Lesson learned from reflections of Judge Goldstone's April 1,2011 NYT op-ed.

Never underestimate the power of shunning, shaming, and routine, ordinary hate to manipulate people.
IMO there was a problem from start, appointing Goldstone to head the investigation into war crimes and policies in the '08-'09 state sponsored terror attack on the corralled Gazans. Action endorsed by USA, including delivery of more military hardware, and overwhelmingly validated by USA Congress.

Goldstone is an avowed zionist. He boasts impressive credentials from S.Africa,where he was adept at adapting, both pre and post apartheid. He was appointed to look into 'alleged' Jewish and Arab war crimes during Israeli operation tagged Cast Lead. IMO this is a suspicious conflict of interest. No matter how impeccable his credentials are/were, there must be another reputable judge in the world who is not an active, participating Zionist...right?

Media opinions on Goldstone's mea culpa, if I only knew then what I know now, ranged from nothing new to complete exoneration of Israel. Even further, fresh blame was flung at Hamas for not bothering to investigate itself at all.

Yes it is that inane. Goldstone had no access to Israeli soldiers or policy planners, the Israeli government declined to cooperate with the UN commission, because of security reasons...I'm guessing here, Israel's rationale is available in US media.

When I read the op-ed it stung me that Goldstone didn't even bother to spell the
Samouni family name correctly. I thought, how would he like it if his name was spelled as Geldstone, or worse?
Was he so browbeaten & egocentric, worried about being de-friended, banned from the club, that he turned his back on the law and the occupied prisoners of Gaza?

See how those with power & position are flawed with the proverbial 'feet of clay'? He looked at brazen racism, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and sought to ease the impact; for his chosen side.

The first clue was when he did not recuse himself. If I were a gambler, I'd wager that Judge Goldstone believed that he could serve justice and Zionism simultaneously, no problemo.

The Report was received with praise,as fair, even-handed, impartial by US msm.
Of course Israel didn't like it all, they 'only' dropped white phosphorous to improve their vision, there was a well worn buzz phrase for every accusation.

The body count told the story.
The name of the planned assault, cast lead, named after a Hannakuh tune about a toy, a cast lead dreidle imo, speaks volumes about the zionist mindset. Equating war with child's play, toys, consequences seemingly unimportant, spilled blood ok as long as it isn't their's.

I know, I know, my prejudices are showing. These prejudices are from life; I try to be aware. I view politics through a Palestinian lens because that's where I fell through the rabbit hole of discovery.

Is the Goldstone Report good for Palestinians? I vote yes, it adds to the weight of continuing crimes. Floundering for excuses it reveals itself as grasping, and above all else Israel is deceptive. No friend of US. and definitely no peace seeker.

Irish Ways & Irish Law, Sinead O'Connor


  1. I think you are awesome. I just found your blog today and I completely agree with you on everything. I woke up in a hotel a while back in downtown Houston, entered the lobby and kiss my ass, if I wasn't dead smack dab in the middle of a damn AIPAC conference. I did everything my body would allow me to do to remain calm. As I made it through the lobby to the parking garage, I was surrounded by these leaches. I stopped, raised both hands in the air and shouted as loud as I could "LONG LIVE A FREE PALESTINE !!". You could have heard a mouse fart a mile away it got so quiet. Then the little dual citizenship wielding jews and jewesses realized it was a 6'4" 245 lb Texas grown country boy that said it. They wouldn't even make eye contact with me on my way out of the lobby, the little chicken sh!ts. I just thought I would share my experience with you. I enjoyed every minute of it.

    I was in the Marines and helped (unknowingly at the time) set up forward bases for Halliburton, Exxon, and BP in the middle eastern countries of Afghanistan and Iraq. I'm sick of watching our young hopefuls enter the military and go overseas to fight for Zionist occupation against Muslims. In my wide awake eyes, we are all Palestinians. You are doing a good thing, keep it up.

  2. hi Aaron,thanks for your support. I'd really be interested in hearing about your experiences, I've never been out of US except for border towns in Canada and Nogales when you could drive into Mexico & Canada w/o paperwork.

    I plan to see justice for Palestine/Palestinians, and my body is getting near to expiration date.