Free Palestina

Free Palestina


Casual Cruelty

I've been haunted by this videoall through this 4th of July patriotic orgy.  My neighbors bought out the fireworks store and my poor dogs are traumatized from all the excesses of booms, cracks, thunderous flash bangs.  My mind went to the sixty-five long years of military excesses that the inhabitants of Palestine have endured. 

I wonder if the zionist entity's jets are still spitefully breaking the sound barrier to cause sonic booms.  After the expulsion of the illegal land usurpers in Gaza, the practice of terrifying the people of Gaza with night after night of such malevolent abuse was destabilizing, especially to children.

The video of the Israeli military/police person kicking a small child with all the casual cruelty of unabashed racism.   He would probably tell you he has no problems with Arabs, some of his best friends are Arabic, and not even a hint of irony.

If this had happened in the USA, those police personnel would be fired, retired and sued within an inch of their lives.  The people would insist that this go to court, we wouldn't stand for it, would we?

The video camcorders and  new technology are the Palestinians steadfast friend.  You can't call that vicious kick anything but what it was, a subtle form of ethnic cleansing/genocide and a man on child assault. 

The Israelis seem to slash out with no warning, not even trying to rationalize this anti social behavior.  They are drunk on hubris and are morally bankrupt.  The situation in Palestine is untenable.

Who could endure watching a child being viciously kicked?  Now suppose that child was yours....

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