Free Palestina

Free Palestina


We are all Palestinians

This fraudulent use of the Anti Semite strategy is a serious Zionist attack against Americans period.
Shouting Anti Semite fraudulently is comparable to shouting Fire in a crowded theater.  Shouting fire when there is none is a crime.  Shrieking the accusation of Anti Semite falsely along with the supposed victim being the author of anti-Semitic swastikas, and other offensive slurs.  It seems like almost a syndrome.  Vandalism. Adrenaline rush...addiction?

Do you think they sit in their segregated schools and debate if it's time again to traumatise the population again. Even when you know a physical attack is coming, it is still usually a shock.(I'm thinking of the Danish activist, he was shocked at the attack, he knew it happened but it still caught him off guard (just my impression of video)  He didn't even have time to reflexively protect his face and head, it looked like that weapon struck him right in his eye.

Use of the anti semite slur cost Helen Thomas her job, her public reputation changed from almost saintly and practical changed to a Racist, denounced in strident outrage.. Imo Helen Thomas was thrown out-over and under the bus, persona non grata, by this inane ruse.. She said the Israelis should get out of Palestine.  What is anti semetic about that?  The Europeans are there to exploit the privileges of apartheid

So for stating her private opinion (she was not speaking to an audience, in a professional capacity) So the zionista become hysterical. Someone has pointed out the plain truth, again.We can't have someone the public trusts for truth, actually being truthful about every thing, saying out loud we should go back to New York, France, all these. The entity cannot take the rise of truth. Dissent, truth cannot be tolerated under Jewish rule. In the eyes of zionists we are all Palestinians. I'm fine with that, I already know in my bones we are all Palestinians.

Same basic plan to coerce Richard Goldstone into retracting his report that the Israelis had done war crimes in the Gaza during the '08/'09 rampage of armies assaulting civilians by air, sea and land. The people of Gaza are imprisoned, nowhere to run to be out of danger. Ongoing assaults, malnutrition, stress, random beatings, deliberate murder, killing for sport or amusement? The Palestinians have endured a torture more deliberate and as painful as possible
IMO the Goldstone Report went out of their way to excuse the Israelis.  Goldstone had no access to Israeli representatives, they refused to cooperate in the investigation.
Goldstone, a cherished man of the tribe, a judge with an impressive career reputation, also a career zionist too.  His reputation was starved little by little, the world was privy to his prolonged humiliation, the veiled threats of harming his daughter, cracks under the pressure.  His reputation is irreparable, imo.
I suppose Goldstone is still cultivated as he may be further exploitation?