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Free Palestina


The Power of Acceptance

Before revealing today's personal pain, I'd like to offer a short meditation from May 26th Warriors of the Rainbow:
"There is a concept that says you move toward and become that which you think about. If we think about everything as interconnected and interrelated, we will begin to accept the greater whole and that there is a power who is in charge. If we see the cycles of life, if we see the inner powers, if we see the interdependence of the universe, then we will participate in a harmonious way. We all need to pray and meditate on this. We need to understand the property of unity.

My Creator, let me have the insights of nature and give me the power of acceptance"

Today my struggle is ordinary pain.  I forgot, for a fleeting month or two that I am alone in this world, except for my Creator. 

I believe in Their is One Creator of all things, visible and invisible, worthy of all praise.  I am humbled and ashamed of  my childish needs for assurances of being loved, of being valued.

I am no stranger to being alone, and I thank God Almighty for this test,  this struggle that stretches out before me.  I pray I am granted the strength and charity to remember to smile and be kind to others, on this once again, lonely journey.

For your listening pleasure the incomparable Nina Simone, singing "Power" at link.

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