Free Palestina

Free Palestina


As an USAn on the Fourth of July

"Dedicated to that ROC person..." Wendy

The personal pain of being an American (how arrogant) on coping with the truth is we are now a Fourth World country, a police state, ruled with fear and brutality.

Can I start with sixty per-cent of USAns that are acknowledged, validated and carefully named the  food insecure?   Six out of every ten of my neighbors go hungry habitually.  I am not a big believer in statistics.   My lying eyes tell me that the number is significantly higher in my urban neighborhood; commonly called  the ghetto.

My ghetto is actually beautiful, it would be paradise on earth if it was not densely packed with struggling old folks and impoverished, neglected children.  To paint you a picture I was told by a police officer that he was afraid to come to my street because even with back-up the people will gather and confront and even threaten police officers.  That is what the man, who was early forties, looked in good shape (not a do-nut and nap type at all) yes that is what THE MAN said.

There are hand guns all over, on this  fourth of July those with guns will use the cover of the flash bang noise makers, cherry bombs and firecrackers to shoot with impunity  for at least the next five days.  Today even those with only shot guns will be blasting away -- bread and circuses anyone?


Take a look at what I, Mrs. American Pie, have omitted; war crimes, drone strikes, genocide of Muslims world wide, bandit behavior considered normal.  Secret prisons, phony drug war, no habeaus corpus, Geneva Conventions are "quaint" in this Empire's view. 

 By deliberately destroying
humanity's most prized sacred places at will they show their contempt and power for all that try to live as our Creator has instructed us.   Whether in the Old Testament, New Testiment or in the Quran, human values remain consistent, no killing, stealing, lying, and worship of our One and only One True God. 
My personal pain today is acknowledge my own complicity in my country's crimes.

The AmeriKan me, who knows quite a bit about my nation's egregious crimes, thought first about the inconvenience to this writer. 

I participate every time I spend money for a product that makes money for a corporation that is funding extremists.
I signed another useless petition today, begging Alicia Keys to cancel her scheduled Israeli performance.

She may have  already performed by the time I signed, but we need to encourage those bold enough to strive for positive, moral change.

What does that have to do with the Fourth?  Quite a lot in fact, Alicia Keys is endorsing American support for Israel in the context of breaking the Boycott, Divest and Sanction campaign pleas from Palestine and hundreds of thousands or millions who want the US/IZ/UK to immediately cease and desist their ongoing criminality.  

The manipulation of Miss Keys a genuine icon for youth as a role model for youth is obvious.   The young will disbelieve the truth, they will deny their lying eyes; she is in fact endorsing Israeli apartheid.

Independence Day, some wit's idea of dry humor?
We were deliberately programmed with behavioralism to be good working wage slaves.  The reason you never have enough money is a facet of the 'education' system. 

Yes, Independence Day, another oxymoron.

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