Free Palestina

Free Palestina


Alicia Keys on wrong side of Apartheid

The Palestinian call for boycott, divest and sanctions

The US Campaign for the Academic & Cultural Boycott of Israel (USCACBI) has an article at the link about the impact of cultural icon Alicia Keys' Fourth of July performance in Israel, despite the many pleas for her to cancel.

It is believed by many that the BDS campaign is bearing fruitful results, especially in comparison to three years ago.  Not many socially conscious, moral performers will perform in Israel and Miss Keys had a reputation for her work for children....just not Palestinian Children, in my opinion.

The link is very detailed and can tell the story and context more precisely than I can do.

Today's personal pain is wondering what evil, wicked people threatened her with.  Most definitely the mysterious "they" will have warned her that her career can be **quashed and her own person harmed either physically or through the Israeli-firsters' efforts, a la Helen Thomas.

My message today is a plea to our Almighty Creator to strengthen my will to make difficult moral decisions and to guide me on a moral path.


**dictionary definition

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