Free Palestina

Free Palestina


Censorship Facebook Style

An ancient Chinese proverb/curse is said to be"May you live in interesting times."  Truly we are in an age of great deceithave seen the truth denigrated,obscured or suppressed entirely.
Tonight Facebook has refused to allow me to post a page of the Bible, a book inspired by the Almighty Creator.
This Bible was first published in 1609 by the English College at Douay.
The imprimatur was granted by Francis Cardinal Spellman in 1961 as the Archbishop of New York.
This version of Scripture was copyrighted in 1961. 
And what fault does Mr. Zuckerberg find with this fifty five year old page?
Why is a fifty five year old illustration garner censorship?
It is the image of a map of Palestine circa 1961.
We live in a time of deafening silence..We live in interesting times.
The map tells it's own story...

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